Physically Challenged Couple Appeals to Goodwill Individual for Assistance


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Correspondent)

A physically challenged couple in Gbarnga, Bong County has launched an appeal to humanitarian and philanthropist groups to aid them with food and other essential items.

John Mulbah is visually impaired while his wife Patience Kollie became paralyzed in 2011 when she underwent an operation at the CB Dumbar Hospital in Gbarnga.

The couple said they might die of starvation if they are not aided with food; adding that they hardly find daily meals.

KMTV’s Reporter who visited their home said John digs sand to sell and buy food for his family, but it sometimes becomes difficult especially when the sands are not bought in time.

John told KMTV Liberia that his family feels discriminated by Leaders of the County and the public as their appeals for support have fallen on deaf ears on several occasions.

“Well I can say that everybody has abandoned us because of our condition, I am blind and my wife is crippled, we have no means of getting food to feed our kids and our condition is just getting worse day by day. I want food for my family, God will bless anyone who will come to help us,”  he added.

John narrated that they need food to survive and money to start a waiter-market business in the community.

Please contact +2310888977243 if you wish to provide assistance.