Physician Cuts Infant Penis Off During Circumcision


By: King Brown (Correspondent Grand Bassa County)

The penis of a four year old boy Dehnyuway Wheagon has been slashed off during circumcision by a physician Solomon Goffa in Grand Bassa County.

The kid is currently undergoing treatment at the government Run medical institution in the county but his family members are crying out for help.

The Physician, Solomon Goffa and his aid have been arrested by the Liberia National Police, investigated and detained at the Central Prison compound in upper Buchanan awaiting court trial.

Theophilus George, uncle of the child said, the incident occurred three week ago and they did not notice the worsen situation until the boy was taken to the Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan for treatment where doctors pronounced to them that the infant was wrongfully circumcised.

Mr. George further mentioned that his nephew had been always crying from severely pain since the custom was performed by Goffa and his aide.

“Due to the constant pain the boy kept felling and crying ,we took him to the Liberia Government Hospital for checkup and the doctors told us that our son’s penis was cut off , we immediately complained Solomon Goffa to the police because he couldn’t be seen around anymore longer.” Mr. George said .

The child and his mother, Patience Weagon are currently in Block B, New Buchanan Community, Grand Bassa County as they seek public help to get the child cure .