Police Arrest 15-year-Old Boy for Allegedly Raping a 3-year Old in Gbarpolu County


By Angeline Nuah (Intern)

Gbarpolu: Police in Gbarpolu County have arrested, charged, and forwarded to court a 15-year old identified as Ballah Varmah for allegedly raping a 3-year-old child in the County.

The incident, according to LPN, occurred on August 8, 2020, when suspect Varmah reportedly used a razor blade and tore the child’s vagina for what he believed was an easy means of penetration after several tries to forcefully penetrate.

A report from the Police stated that the 3-year-old rape survivor was playing with her friends at a hand pump in Mamadi Village, Gbarpolu County while suspect Varmah stood there watching until the child was left alone, and he then went on and raped her.

Community dwellers who heard the child cried after she was raped later rushed her to the Jallah-Lone Hospital in Gbarpolu county where it was confirmed that she had been raped.
The little survivor is currently in a critical condition and is undergoing pensive treatment at the Jallah-Lone Hospital in Gbarpolu County.

Suspect Varmah has also admitted to Police during the investigation that the allegation is true and further confessed that he attempted to rape his aunty in the past.

Varmah has been charged with rape and aggravated assault and is currently undergoing further investigation at court ”A” in Gbarpolu County.