Police Charge Officer Dumo with Murder


By Ayeason Yeeba (Intern)

Police have charged and forwarded to court officer James Dumo for allegedly killing a woman in the View Point Community in Paynesville.

Suspect Dumo was charged with Murder for recklessly shooting victim Mildred Kumba Tamba with assigned Arm “Smith & Wesson” 9mm-Pistol early Saturday, June 27, a statement from the Liberia National Police says.

Murder is a violation of Chapter 14, Subchapter A, Section 14.1 of the Penal Code of the Republic of Liberia.

According to police investigation, suspect Dumo intentionally discharged his assigned pistol resulting to the death of Victim Mildred.

Police investigation established that the weapon used by suspect Dumo was legally assigned but failed to abide by the safety guidelines or four candid rules governing the use of firearm.

‘Four candid Rules,’ according to the LNP states; “Treat all weapon as though it is always loaded, keep your fingers off the trigger and out of the trigger’s guard, Never point your weapon to what you are not willing to destroy and beware of your target and what is behind your target.”

The investigation further established that after shooting the victim, angry crowd attacked him and took the weapon from him, but was later turned over police authority.

Suspect Dumo, who was a member of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the LNP was last week disrobed and turned over for investigation over the allegation.