Police Deploys ERU Officers To Halt Illegal Mining  Activities in Tappita -Nimba County


By Bambagila Willie (Nimba County)

Amid illegal mining of gold by some residents in Tappita City, Nimba County, the Liberian National Police has deployed a batch of  Emergency Response Unit -ERU officers in the area.

The Gbanipea gold field according to our Nimba County Correspondent, was recently bought legally  by a company known as ‘Saphanico’ from inhabitants of Gbanipea.

After two months into operations, the company shut down its activities as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and left a caretaker identified as Papa Kartee to provide security for the site.

Our reporter said, hell broke loose when Papa Kartee and family members allegedly begun employing people to work at the site without the knowledge of the company’s management.

The situation, led to over one thousand five hundred persons pouring into the facility to earn their daily meals by digging out the resources.

Upon hearing the news of illegal mining, the company through its manager called on the presence of the Liberia National Police to restore normality at the company’s facility.

Illegal mining activities is common among Liberian and other foreign nationals, which has since caused many deaths across the country.

Recently, a landslide which occurred on May 4, 2020 in Massakpa and Bamgoma Towns, Tewor district in Grand Cape mount County claimed several lives in the area.