Police Evidence Drives Rape Suspect Emmanuel Sayonkon to Court


By: Angeline Nuah

Liberia National Police says it has gotten enough evidence that proves photojournalist Emmanuel Sayonkon guilty of raping his 16-years old daughter in Kabra Estate.

It was reported earlier this week that suspect Emmanuel Sayonkon, 42, raped and impregnated his 16yrs old biological daughter.

The little rape survivor lives with Mr Sayonkon her father, along with her stepmother in Kiabra estate, where she was allegedly raped.

According to police spokesman Moses Carter, Emmanuel is expected to be officially changed and forwarded to Court on Wednesday, Feb 17, for final persecution.

“Emmanuel will be forwarded to Court hopefully tomorrow, we have gotten the medical report,” said Moses Carter.

“You know SGBV investigations are deligated investigations. We don’t want to grab someone and just detain or charge them for the wrong reason, so we have done our investigation and we have enough evidence and he will be charge tomorrow and forwarded to Court.” He ended.”

Suspect Emmanuel Sayonkon is a civilian staff of the Ministry of National Defense, and he works directly in the public affairs department which is the office of Assistant Minister Sam Collin.