Police Raid over fifty drug users in the King Gray Community.

Over fifty (50) drugs users were Friday arrested by officers of the Liberia national police.
The focus among other things was meant to decrease or minimize criminality which has been observed over the period

and is said to be worrisome to the inhabitants.

Friday’s raiding exercise

was a scene of jubilation for residents of King Grey Community in Paynesville as the Liberian national police disestablished the hideout of criminals in their community.
The exercise witnessed by several residents and passers-by saw over 50 drugs users arrested, bundle into police vehicles and were taken to the police headquarters while some lucky ones smartly fled the scene during the unannounced exercise at the King Gray junction in the Paynesville community.
According to one of the arrested drugs users, they are over one hundred and usually gathered everyday in the unfinished building to smoke. β€œWe come here all the time to smoke to make ourselves happy because people don’t want to associate with us”.
When asked about the harassment of citizens at night by snatching of phones, money and other valuable items, he admitted, linking it to some of his colleagues who he noted are involved in such ugly act something he frowned at greatly. β€œI hate stealing from people but some of my friends can spoil our name bad way, “he added. Explaining further he noted that When he want money to eat or smoke he usually go load car and get what he called clean money”.

It can be recall that

Police boss, Inspector General Patrick Sulu recently promised to come down hard on crimes thereby chasing criminals, demolishing of their hideouts and many others as Friday’s exercise was a clear testimony to his statement . Additionally he noted that Similar operation has been carried out in other communities and will continue

across Montserrado yield the Country at large.

The million dollar question is after the arrest what becomes of these guys.

President Weah had earlier assured illegal drug users of a place in society despite their current living condition indicating further that they are part of society and must be taken care of as well as giving a sense of belonging.

Until that theory can be a practical the police now have more work to do to ensure they dislodge the multiple of criminal hideouts in all most every community across the country due to their visible multiplicities as peaceful and harmless citizens remained unsafe and uneasy during night hours.

Courtesy of J.Yudawhre Jacobs.