Police Report Sets Wowoh Free


The Liberia National Police investigative findings into an alleged rape case and sexual abuses at the Heart of Grace School in Johnsonville, Montserrado County and the Alexandria A. Andrews Academy (Triple “A”) school in Gbarnga have vindicated Mr. Eric Wowoh of the commission of the alleged crimes.

Eric Wowoh is the Founder and Chief Executive Director of Change Agent Network, the institution that operates the Alexandria A. Andrews Academy, the Heart of Grace and another school in Liberia.

The investigations stemmed from an alleged rape and sexual abuses cases reported to the Women and Children Protection Division of the Liberia National Police headquarters by one Isaac Naimah and Daniel K. Dennis, the president of Students Against Corruption.

According to the LNP’s report, Isaac Naimah escorted a 16 year old girl to the LNP headquarters on November 19, 2021 and alleged that she was raped by Eric Wowoh.

The police immediately contacted Mr. Wowoh, who was in the United States of America by then and launched an investigation into the matter.

The police investigation found the alleged rape scandal against Eric Wowoh as unfounded and that the juvenile was financially induced by Isaac Naimah to lie on Eric.

The report furthered that the 16 years old juvenile was taken to the police headquarters without her parent’s knowledge.

The report recommends that Isaac Naimah be charged with interference with custody, criminal coercion, and false report to law enforcement officers.

In a related development, the police report narrated that Daniel K. Dennis, the president of the Students Against Corruption informed the LNP that his institution in August 2021 received information from some students of Triple “A” about an alleged sexual abuse of female students by some teachers at the school.

Those teachers include: Abel Dennis, Principal, Shemiah Dolo, the History teacher, S. Rufus Gargar, the Vice Principal for Instruction, Isaac P. Bettie, chemistry teacher, Bill G.O. Tarr, Algebra teacher, Stephen S. Kendema, the Accountant, and Pastor Kofee Mensah, the Dean of Students.

It was also alleged that a female student was expelled from the institution for her refusal to alleged sexual vices from the principal, Abel Dennis.

Another female student,
Following thorough investigations into the allegations, the police findings reveal the followings: that Daniel K. Dennis, the president of the Student Against Corruption and one of the purported victims are in a sexual relationship.

With this many people believe that the allegations were a calculated ploy to derail Eric and some other instructors’ character.

The findings also revealed that Hope Novak, an American citizen who came to Liberia through the invitation of Eric Wowoh few has been financially inducing the purported victims to lie on Wowoh to ensure that he is removed as the proprietor of the school.

The report further states “that Hope, the American Lady sent USD $80.00 to one of the victims for transportation for her to come to WACPS/HQ to file an allegation of rape against Eric Wowoh”.

According to the LNP, efforts to speak with Novak were futile.

It states that Some of the supposed victims whose names are mentioned in the case did not also show up for the investigation, and that one of the victims averred that the Principal, Abel Dennis approached her and they both had sex one, that the Dean of Students, Koffi Mensah approached the same student when they went for a field trip to Buchanna, Grand Bassa.

However, the report recommends “that Hope Novak be held liable for tempering with witnesses and informants in proceedings in violation of section 12.40 of the Penal Law of Liberia.”

It concludes that “Abel Dennis, Koffi Mensah and Isaac Bettie be turned over to the Ministry of Education through the Bong County School Board for administrative processing for their sexual advances respectively toward one of the victims.”
With the recommendations, it is clear that Wowoh is freed from the alleged rape case leveled against him.

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