Political Twists Against Former Speaker Nuquay Senatorial Bid


Former Lawmakers in Margibi County are reportedly refusing to support former speaker of the 53rd national Legislature, James Emmanuel Nuquay, in the December 8,2020 Senatorial elections.

Nr. Nuquay according to information gathered  held a reconciliatory meeting with former Lawmakers lobbying for their support.

But as campaign opens, it is becoming clear that former Lawmakers who worked alone with him in the 52nd and 53rd National Legislatures have endorsed other Senatorial Candidates in the County.

Three of the former Lawmakers including Hon. Roland C. Caine, Hon. Kollie Sorsor Jallah and Hon. Stephen S. Kafi, Jr. are said to be supporting the senatorial bid of Margibi District #2 Representative Ivar K. Jones who is contesting on the ticket of the CDC while Former Senator Clarice Alpha Jah has endorsed the candidacy of a US-based Liberian, Rev. Alexander Bango. Collins.

What is not clear yet is whether former Representative Saah Richard Gbollie, will endorse or support him (Hon. Nuquay) as he remains mute on the issue.

It is only former District #2 Representative Ballah G. Zayzay who partially moves with Hon. Nuquay in District two while former Representative Roland Opee Cooper is yet to make any public statement.

Not like former Senator Jah who publicly endorsed Rev. Collins’ candidacy giving reason for her decision, the rest of the former Lawmakers are yet to tell the Margibians why they are not supporting Hon. Nuquay, but they have been taking their candidate to their constituencies holding accquentency meetings.

Former Senator Jah in her endorsement statement said, her decision is based on what she termed as Rev. Collins substantial and visible assets as contributions to the county and can assure the public and people of Margibi that he will make a great leader.

She added that the County has been greatly divided and she is hopeful that Rev. Collins could restore differences for the forward march of the county when elected December 8, 2020.

“Margibi County has diversity issues that I think he can help us solve” she added.

What surprises many Margibians is the fact that Hon. Stephen S. Kafi, Jr. who was a member of a “leadership team” that was built by Hon. Nuquay before and during the 2017 general and presidential elections in the county has now turn his back to his team leader (Nuquay).

Some Margibians who spoke to our reporter on anonymity said,  they have the believe that Hon. Kafi’s decision not to support Hon. Nuquay’s Senatorial bid is because he (Nuquay) played a major role in supporting the current Representative of district #3 Ellen Attoh Wreh against him in the 2017 general and presidential elections.

The Margibians also narrated that they believed former Senators Caine and Jah are not supporting Hon. Nuquay’s senatorial bid because he “fought them politically” when they were seeking re-election in 2011 and 2014 respectively.

It can be recalled that in 2011 Hon. Nuquay supported the incumbent Senator Oscar A. Cooper against former Senator Roland C. Caine on grounds that Hon. Caine served for 12-years and as such he needed not to be given additional 9-years.

In 2014 Hon. Nuquay also supported Senator Jim W. Tornorlah against former Senator Clarice A. Jah after assuring her of his support stating that he wanted to work with somebody who will listen to him and help him develop the County.

For former Representative Kollie Sorsor Jallah, the citizens said they are yet to understand why he is not supporting Hon. Nuquay.

Hon. Jallah during the 2014 midterm Senatorial election supported Senator Jim W. Tornorlah who was brought by former Speaker Nuquay.

Meanwhile, some of the former Lawmakers in a chat with tour reporter revealed that if Hon. Nuquay wins the upcoming Senatorial election, he has nothing to offer them less to talk about the County looking at the past history.

It can also be recalled that Hon. Nuquay served as chairman on the Ways, Means and Finance Committee at the House of Representatives for about 8-years and served as speaker for more than a year.

Hon. Nuquay who was elected in 2005 as independent candidate served on the Ways Means and Finance Committee as chairman for the period of eight years at the Lower House (House of Representatives) and later served as Speaker for more than a year.