‘Politics is a Game of Numbers, Not Gender’ Women Rights Advocate Asserts


By Emmanuel TJ Kollie (Intern)

A female advocate has described as “lazy argument” continuous calls for a certain percentage to be allocated for women’s participation in national politics.

Moijama Dunor blasted that those who are constantly calling for 30 percentage women inclusion as failed advocates and must desist to face the true reality of politics.

Moijama, CEO of the Miojama Educational Foundation, said women who have the sore desire to compete for political offices should not be campaigning on the basis of percentage, but rather on what they can do for the people they wish to represent.

“Wake up to the occasion and stopping advocating for percentage,’’ Dunor stressed.

Madam Dunor, in a social media post, noted that politics is a game of number and not gender, nothing that no one gets elected on the basis of gender.

“No one gets elected simply because they are a man or a woman. Let’s begin to see politics as a field of competing for political interest and not gender competition,’’ she said.

Madam Dunor said in order for women to be above their game of politics, they need to do more to market their political worth, sell ideas, and build consensus instead of fighting for gender percentage.

Dunor maintained that over the years women have constantly complained about the lack of participation in politics due to societal barriers, and such can only change if women unite and stop being, envious and hateful.

According to her, no political party will support any woman if she does not have the political pedigree, noting that it is time for women to roll up their sleeves and work at all levels of the political sphere.

She was responding to an early morning talk show on OK FM about why the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is yet to feature a female candidate in the pending December 8, mid-term senatorial election in the country.

The CDC recently revealed their candidates for the pending elections without a female listed.