Hundreds of Youths in Liberia Benefits from Virtual Training


Hundreds of young Liberians across the country are benefiting from an ongoing intensive virtual training program offered by Practical Positive Thinkers With Growth Mindset of Liberia.

The training is being held via zoom video conferencing app to help many young Liberians learn how to think positively by providing them the right understanding of how to use such knowledge in their daily lives.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Practical Positive Thinkers With Growth Mindset and lead facilitator, Mr. Charles King, who currently resides in the United States of America ,has been conducting this outreach program to many young Liberians across the country via the internet.

According to him, his move to offer this training is to give back to the youthful population of his homeland, Liberia.

“I looked with tears in my eyes, as I was forced to leave my country while seeing my brothers and sisters running for their lives-the old and the young. I then pledged that I would develop a way to prevent our future generations from such situation. I saw that it was because of the lack of proper mindset. Therefore, I have decided to give back to the youthful population of my country, Liberia”, Mr. King explained.

Mr. King, served as Deputy Director, CID Affairs of the Liberia National Police and created the Criminal Justice Program at the AMEU University in Monrovia, thereby serving as the first Dean of the Criminal justice Program at the college. He’s the author of a book  “Constitutional Law For The Liberian Law Enforcer”.

Although all of the participants will receive electronic certificates upon the completion of the training, he said the real certificate is the practical applications in their (the youths) daily lives.

Mr. King added: “The true evidence of what they learn will be seen in their everyday lives-their actions towards others in their communities”.

In an exclusive interview, the Executive Director of the Practical Positive Thinkers With Growth Mindset in Liberia, Mr. Prince Mabiah, explained that during the three weeks, participants will spend two hours a day for the training, twice a week (Saturday and Sunday).

Mr. Mabiah lamented that the online coaching program is a “life changing program” for youths, which is conducted free of charge. He asserted that the knowledge gained through the training session will aid in the quest to change the narratives about youths in Liberia.

“We want to erase the notion that the youths are the main perpetrators of violence. Upon the completion of this program, all participants will practically know how to think, not what to think. Once you regularly attending training session, each participant will receive a certificate immediately after the three week coaching class. There’s no cost attached to this. We are encouraging other youths to make use of this opportunity”, Mr. Mabiah explained.

He however, emphasized that the future of Liberia depends on the young people and they must shape the future they want, adding that that it can only be done through determination to change the existing systems of Liberia.

Emmanuel K. Tokpah, one of the participants of the training program, lauded the Positive Thinkers With Growth Mindset and called on other youths to take advantage of the initiative, noting that it is significant to the youthful population in Liberia. He called on other stakeholders in and out of Liberia to be supportive of the program.