President George Weah, A Good Intention, Misconstrued? A Brief Look At His Administration Under Two Years


Liberia’s 24th President, Soccer Icon, George Weah has taken over the mantle of authority of Liberia for about relatively one year and eight months now and is so far been recorded as the common people president with high hopes and expectations of being the savior of the ordinary people by redeeming them from the past darkness, economic hardship and extreme poverty including addressing the breakdown of almost all systems and sectors of the Country, which the (masses) suffered for decades.

The administration of President Weah took over power with the slogan: “Change For Hope” something that initially won the hearts of the people for the creative crafting of such slogan of the ruling Party but so far according to critics said slogan has not lift up to its true meaning why others think it is gradually addressing such evidence of some tangible implemented projects by the current regime, though, they noted that more still needs to be done.

President Weah arguably is not a seasoned or traditional Liberian politician unlike former President Sirleaf but is now steering the Affairs of the State for the first six years in office as per the Constitution of which the second year of his administration is drawing closer.

Since taken over he has made several speeches and is famous for few of them to include: “My Government will work more and do less talking, My Leadership strength will not be determined by the eloquence of my speeches but the quality of my decisions that i will take, I will not let you down and many others.

Additionally, Dr. Weah is also noted for one of his regular statements: “ I have the Country at heart”, We will give back the Economy to Liberians, Where they will not be spectators  in their own economy/ Country, “Liberians do not always pray for what you do not want and finally among others, beat it driver-beat it, if I die it is your worry, respectively.

The question and debate surrounding some of the famous quotes of the president is whether he is very sincere about them but is struggling to ensure that they are tangibly implemented to the core as expected.

The Liberian leader seems to be under too much pressure to deliver due to the high expectations from the masses as such” It Is Painful When A Good Intention Is Misconstrued”?

According to some realistic critics of this Government, President Weah has good intentions as well as passion to see the development of Liberia including improving the lives of his people but said intentions have been misconstrued by in his words; wrong surroundings including followers as such the ordinary people are feeling the pinched from all spectrum of the society.

They named the most recent harmonization exercise which is largely to benefit service oriented people including: Doctors/ Nurses, health workers, Teachers/Education workers, Security personnel, Civil Servants in general unlike top or senior ranking officials of the three branches of government as some of the good intentions intended to affect the lives of the ordinary people positively.

Moreover, they stressed that the government focus of road development, youth empowerment and many others as key attributes of President Weah’s administration so far.

However, due to his surroundings, they argued things are still not resonating to the masses as uncontrollable pricing of everyday commodities, hiking in School Fees, Medical, High Unemployment rate, lack of youth empowerment on a large scale, extreme hardship/ poverty and many others are headache of this administration which a good intention of the President has been misconstrued as a leader and should be addressed.

“I hope that the president Will have good advisors, people who will have the same good intentions like him in order to move the Country forward”, said a Liberian clergyman, Samuel Nagbe.

He said he observed too much tension in the Country, politics on the increase, hate speeches, anger and many others, something he noted are all vises of conflict that should be critically handle by the current administration.

Despite the political or whatever differences, Pastor Nagbe encouraged Liberians to work together to jealously protect the peace of Liberia because it is only through peace, lasting development is assured.

Protest he stated will not help the Country, stop the too much pressure on the President, noting that silence is not a weakness of a leader.

Do not test the power of a silent leader because if you do, he/she may turn into a very strong dictator and the people will suffer, added, a Political Science Lecturer.

However, he admonished president Weah to be strong, take all necessary  actions and be more practical in handling the affairs of the Nation and its people and do away with friendship and sympathy.

Patience and time is a great virtue that should be cultivated by all Liberians for the betterment of society, he intoned.

George Weah took power in 2018 winning the popular mandate of the people after being in the opposition for twelve years.

It was highly expected by many that his administration been in the opposition for 12 years would have learned a lot from the past regime and come with a more rigorous approach on how to swiftly move the Country forward.

However, the game is now a different one altogether as he has been greeted with met a broken economy, decimal national reserve, huge economic deficit, untold sufferings, with poverty now a neighbor to almost all homes especially the same ordinary people who overwhelming voted him into Power.

Due to the high expectation which President Weah urged his people to manage, political, social and economic protests, strikes and go-slow actions are now the order of the Day in Liberia.

It is an open secret that the government is struggling to address the key issue of delay in salary for government workers, rising inflation, extreme hardship and many others though some efforts have been made by this Government to include road and infrastructure developments, youth empowerment to some level, however, the people still believe that the bread and butter issues are yet to be holistically tackle by the CDC-led administration.

National government currently rely heavily on taxes which has helped it to construct some feeder roads and address some issues of the society though at times it is even difficult to collect needed revenue for government due to current economic situation among others, that is affecting all sectors of the Country.

According to latest reports, there are some international green lights in the making to help reduce some of the burden from the shoulders of the good intention leader (Weah) notwithstanding foreign aids and or international support to this administration unlike former President Sirleaf is decimal something opposition politicians attributed to lack of lobbyist skills on the part of this administration, claimed in-experienced government officials who are occupying key positions of trust in the Country and the lack of systems and control among others.

 According to the National Youth Movement for Transparent Election ( NAYMOTE) President Meter Project Policy brief 2019 disclosed ninety-two promises contained in the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change manifesto, campaign speeches, policy statements delivered by President George Weah during his January 22, 2018 to July 26, 2019 respectively.

out of the 92 promises according to the NAYMOTE project only six are rated completed,  38 considered ongoing 15 not rated due to the lack of available information and 33 not started.

The project intended to improve electoral accountability is among other things monitoring as well as tracking and releasing information about the CDC led government performances over the period.

Meanwhile the six completed projects are:Payment of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) fees for all students who sat the WAEC exams in 2017 across the country.

  1. Renovation of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital.
  2. Passage of the Land Rights Act.
  3. Reduction of salaries for public officials under the Executive Branch of Government.
  4. Pavement of the Doe Community Road to Clara Town and
  5. The completion of 50 new homes for fire victims in Popo Beach, New Kru Town.

As some efforts have been made by the CDC led government many still believe that more needs to be done as the multiplicities of protests over the period speaks volume of the difficulties the ordinary people are undergoing on a daily basis.

As the people continue to cry for deliverance from the CDC-led government it is now imperative for President George Weah Good Intention that is so far been misconstrued to be practical addressed to the core.