President George Weah commissioned top government officials Thursday, challenged them to do their best

Despite several criticism from all sectors of the Country concerning assets declaration by government officials including the president, Liberia’s chief executive today Thursday June 21,2018 commissioned over ten government officials.
The program witnessed by other officials of government including family members was held at the Cecil Dennis Auditorium at the ministry of Foreign Affairs.
President Weah speaking at the commissioning ceremony told his officials to do their best because performance is rotational.
“You have to perform because if you are not doing well than someone who can perform better will have to come in”,the Liberian leader asserted.
He encouraged his officials to work for the Liberian people and not him as individual because the people will judge them by what they do today,Weah added.
President Weah at the same time urged newly commissioned officials of government to work diligently, with passion and be committed to duty at all times.
He acknowledged that he has critics but will not be distracted by them adding that as a leader he will take decision and such will be done in the interest of the Liberian people.
” I am not afraid of making decision even if I will be criticised, Weah intoned noting that all that he expect from his cabinet ministers is to do their best for the betterment of Liberia.
In a confident tune Weah brags that he has the best of ministers and is certain that together they can make a greater change for the people of this Country.
Speaking on behave of his colleagues Education Minister Professor Ansu Sonii thanked President Weah for reposing confidence in them to serve their people.
“Best only we shall provide and is best only we seek for”,Minister Sonii assured the Liberian leader.
He told his colleagues that they have a duty to make the Liberian people smile as they too have smiled before.
He said it is time for them to make the necessary difference that was never made in the past.
The Education boss challenged his colleagues for them to leave a better legacy that they will be remember for by their children and future generation.
” Time and Trust can’t be replenish as such it is incumbent upon us to make maximum use of the time and opportunity we have now”,he noted.
Our focus shall be one,strategies different, time limited but what is important is for us to perform our task truly and diligently,Sonii intoned.
The commissioning ceremony saw several ministers and Director General respectively pledging their support and commitment through the oath of office administered by president Weah to work in the supreme interest of the Country including upholding the Constitution of Liberia.
Some of those commissioned are: Daniel Ziankahn, Defense Minister, Prof.Ansu Sonii, Education Minister,Varney Sirleaf,Internal Affairs Minister, Lenn Eugene Nagbe,Information Minister, Wilson K.Tarpeh,Commerce Minister,Education Minister, D.Zeogar Wilson,Youth and Sports Minister,Willimena Saydee Tarr,Gender Minister,Samuel Wulu,Transport Minister, Jefferson Kanmoh,National Security Advisor to the president,Mary Broh,Director General of the General Services Agency amongt others.

What is unclear is whether the assets declaration as called for under the laws of this Country will be implemented to the fullest by those government officials who have now been given power and authority by their leader to serve the Liberian people.