“President George Weah Instructs Cabinet to Engage Citizens on Gov’t Activities” – Says Minister Tweah


Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. says transforming the living condition of Liberians and providing basic social services remains a major effort of the government.

Minister Tweh said the Goerge Weah government has earmarked and is supporting programs to benefit the ordinary people of Liberia including, roads, revamping the agriculture, education, energy sectors amongst others.

He said billions of dollars are going towards activities aimed at supporting the ‘Pro-Poor Agenda” set up by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government of President George Weah.

Speaking over the weekend in Montserrado County Electoral District #2, Minister Tweah also disclosed that President Weah has “instructed all government officials to engage the people who elected them and explain their policies, ongoing programs and also listen to their views.”

“It’s about time the people understand the workings of Government that is why President Weah told us that we should bring your Government to you the people, for you the people to understand how government works in the past and how this current CDC Government is working hard to make sure that even the common people in the towns and villages can feel the impact this government,” Minister Tweah said.

On the issue of bad propaganda, he cautioned the residents of District # 2 Montserrado County to be mindful and not to carry away by what he calls ‘the bad propaganda emulating from the Opposition against the CDC led Government.’

“We are bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. For the President [George Weah],  even a Market woman is as important to him as a P.H.D holder. There is no difference between them in the eyes of President Weah.  He feels that every Citizen should have equal rights and equal opportunity to the country resources.”