President George Weah Launches Pro Poor Five Years Development Plan,Says With Peace It Will Be Implemented

“This is the book,our new Bible of which our hope lies in and with peace I believe every line in it will be implemented”,Says Dr.Weah at the launched of national framework of the Country’s developmental road map code name: Pro Poor Agenda For Prosperity And Development (PAPD)

At the well attended national ceremony the Liberian leader said for Liberia to develop and prosper,peace is the ultimate.

He encouraged the people of this nation to buy into the National instructment as well as taking ownership of it so that Liberia can once again become that sweet land of liberty by God’s command.

Under the plan his government he assured the audience that every avenue will be explore to solicit funding in a bid to support the plan for the betterment of the people.

He said the framework is an inclusive one, a direct base approach that will allow the equitable distribution of the Country’s wealth is realized.

The plan also highlighted unity,development,the promotion of human rights,human capital,peace and reconciliation,economic empowerment and a harmonious society for all and many more.

Dr.Weah also indicated that the five years document will see as key: good governance,quality infrastructure investment,skillful labor force,roads,energy,affordable housing,water and sanitation,eduction,healthcare,telecommunications ICT,national security and more.
Earlier when he gives an overview of the plan finance and development planning minister Samuel D.Tweh Jr. was optimistic saying the plan which was exclusively prepared by Liberians after careful consultations nation wide including across the globe will succeed,nothing that the PAPD will work and they will not fail the Liberian people.

Education,Health,Roads,Economic growth and many other tops the priority list under the plan.

As for economic growth and development the plan amonsgt other things seek to lift one million Liberians out of income poverty over the next five years through the investment of the private sector in a move to create more jobs opportunities for the people mainly in the areas of Agriculture,Forestry, Manufacturing and other services sectors respectively.

It places focus on economic diversification on private sector as well as the center of its development strategy minister Tweah added.
He said the policy will also put as priority the poor and the vulnerable especially when micro income shock hits the Country.

Mr.Tweah give an example of the true definition of the PAPD saying the recent move by President George Weah to declare all public tertiary institutions of learning across the Country free of tuition as a classic example noting that some parents and families will now transfer planned tuition fees to other targeted areas that will better their livelihood.
He brags that the plan will help redefine the true meaning of social protection placing keen interest on the poor and vulnerable population of the nation.
Under electricity he said in 12 to 18 months the Liberia Electricity Corporation plans to connect about 40,000 homes while in health where there is an alarming wave of more women dying while giving birth including children under five dying of preventable diseases,he added that the plan will work to change the tragic statistics around.
In education the PAPD will reduce the number of children out of school,the inclusion of more quality teachers in the classrooms as well as perfect teachers and students performances amongst others.

The PAPD promise to not only to build roads but to link such roads to economic growth process.

The policy has a financing gap of 1b but with the help and contribution of the domestic resource mobilization he is hopeful though ambitious but can be realized.

In the coming days minister Tweah indicated that there will be massive awareness as well as funding solicitation and proper engagement with all partners in a move to support the plan.

He encouraged Liberians to help the government in making sure the plan is achieved.