President George Weah Returns To The Country From Israel,Terms His Trip As Very Successful


President George Weah has return to the Country from his recent visit to Israel, terming his trip to the holy land as very successful.

Speaking upon his return to the Country Sunday the Liberian leader praised his Israeli counter- part for pledging to support Liberia’s Agriculture Sector.
As part of the fruitful nature of the trip, the Israeli government promised to transform the Country’s agriculture sector with focus on capacity building, innovation and networking.
Additionally, President Weah told reporters that key members of his delegation will shortly return to Israel to complete modalities to jump start the process soon.
He said his visit to Israel has further rekandled the already existing relationships between the two Countries.
Weah noted that with the new and growing as well as improved relationship,more Israeli investors are expected in the Country soon to help boost Liberia’s economy.
On the issue of the 16 billion, the Liberian leader said his government is transparent and committed to the fight against corruption.
He praised the US government including local expert for releasing the report in a timely manner.
He hoped that the Liberian people will be happy with the release of the report.
Dr. Weah noted that those implicated in the report, the law will take it course.
He encouraged Liberians to put the interest of the Country first and refrain from statement without facts.
” Going to the streets without proper and factual information is wrong” he added.
The chief executive noted that his government is committed to promoting peace including the development of the Country.
He said Liberia has suffered for too long and it is about time for all Liberians to remain focus and determine to the development of their Country.
” I have come to make Liberia peaceful and grow”,Weah noted.