President George Weah tours New Monrovia City site,promised to do less talk and more action.


Liberian Leader George Weah climaxed his one day developmental tour Monday with the visit of what is expected to be the new Monrovia City on both the Balay and Providence Island respectively.
As part of the project the new site will host a modern Hotel, Conference halls and other state of the art buildings along the river view which will help give the City an improved beautification.
The project will create additional jobs opportunity for the people of Liberia.
He said there is noting wrong with coming from Monrovia and going to a new Monrovia City.
One of the facilities will be named in honor of former Indian activist Mahatma Ghandi.
Leading the touring exercise Monday was Defense Minister Daniel Ziankahn along with other key officials of Government to include:Information Minister Len Eugene Nagbe, Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweh, Foreign Affairs Minister Gbezohngar Milton Finley and many others.
President Weah said the project is a good one for the people of this Country as funds he added are available for the commencement soon.
“We need to do the papers work soon to ensure we begin the process in the coming months” added President Weah.
Talking he noted is expensive and is about time to do the best for Liberia,and less talk.
Making reference to Abuja which he added was built in ten years, indicating further that with the partnership and cooperation from all, Liberia can get better.
The project upon completion will see a four thousand capacity conference hall and many other modern structures intended to give the Country a better, safer and an improved face lift.
Liberia as a nation has lots of touristic attraction sites and if the necessary attention and funds are made available it will help rapidly develop the Country and change the living conditions of Liberians in general.