Residents of  Gbi and Doru district are appealing for health facilities, good roads, Schools, modern buildings and  agriculture support.

Historically, it is the town of Liberian President George Weah’s late  mother.

Speaking when George Weah visited the area recently, the residents said, the lack of these basic facilities  are posing serious setback to them and that  they feel abandoned by government.

Expressing appreciation for seeing President Weah visiting their district  Thursday, they noted that it has been over seven decades for a President to visit their area .

According to the residents, the first President to visit them was the late Edward Barclay, dating as far back as 1936.

According to our reporter, Gbi and Doru district in Nimba County is  five to six hours drive from Tappita City.

The people of that district speak the Bassa and Gbi languages and share boundary with Rivercess County.

People of  Gbi and Doru Districts appealed to George Weah  and other national government officials to give them the opportunity to stand on their own and become a county as to have a direct lawmaker to cater to their needs.

According to them, they have been neglected by the people of Nimba County but only visit them when they are in need of  support for political power.

They explained that, the people of Rivercess have been their only hope and is always opening up to receive them.

The people of Rivercess is also fighting to own the five districts of the Gbi and Doru according to the residents when they spoke to President George Weah.

They said, the Nimba people are owning the land but refused to own them as people and provide their needs.

Meanwhile, President Weah has assured the people to help develop the area, he promised to change the old structures into modern ones.

Historically, President Weah’s mother hails from that town. The Liberian leader promised to develop the district.

He thanked the people for keeping the peace despite the difficult time they are going through.

President Weah promised to extend his scholarship scheme to that district as well.