President Weah changes gear, seeks advice of Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai


MONROVIA, Liberia – It is exactly 15 Months and 11 days now, since Soccer Legend George Manneh Weah took the solemn oath of office to steer the affairs of Africa’s oldest Republic, Liberia. The famous African-World football star received the blessings of majority of the Liberian people in the second round of a heated political process in 2017. Prior to his ascendency to the Nation’s highest seat, it was predicted by critics and skeptics that Mr. Weah would find it challenging to govern the State if elected head of state. Many, on local radio talk shows and in news papers expressed fear that Liberia could get worse if the Country was given him to manage. A little over one year now under the watch of President Weah, the Country has experienced several challenges, including, hike in prices of basic commodities, high exchange rate, alleged bad governance, gross violation of the organic laws of the State amongst others with some level of progress. Aggravated CDC Partizans and citizens spoken to have decried the current state of affairs which has led to the organization of a massive protest against the administration. The protest is being organized by a so-called group of aggrieved Liberians “Council of Patriots”. The “Council of Patriots” is amongst other things, challenging the Liberian Chief Executive to lead with accountability, unify the people, respect the rule of law, prosecute alleged corrupt government officials and adequately address the broken Economy. It’s match is scheduled for 7 June, 2019.

President Weah makes U-turn

The mountain performance pressure coupled with the huge difficulties facing the Country, have left the President with no alternative but to seek advice from stakeholders.

The recent case in point is a meeting with former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is Liberia’s immediate past Chief Executive.

The meeting was in continuation of Mr. Weah’s endeavour to open his administration to diverse views and counsels from a broad-spectrum of the national mosaic.

At the roundtable, according to an Executive Mansion release, Former President Johnson Sirleaf shared her perspectives on prevailing developments in the country; how to sustain the gains made over the years and to preserve the democratic space.

For his part, the release said, President Weah emphasized his government’s commitment to promoting national development, peace, reconciliation, unity and growth at every sector of the Liberian society.

 He assured Madam Sirleaf that he would continue regular dialogues with eminent persons as well as ordinary Liberians as a way of ensuring that every citizen’s view is factored in his governance agenda.

 hi The visit of the former President comes two days following a similar courtesy call on President Weah by former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

MIXED VIEWS: Will President Weah IMPLEMENT the advice?

Well, some of the people interviewed by KMTV late Friday evening said, the meeting was a calculated political game employed by the Executive Mansion to fool the public. On the other hand, some hold the believe that such step is in the best interest of saving Liberia and expanding the democratic gains made thus far.