President Weah Clarifies Private Jet Saga,Says Media Report Is Untrue


Following claims,counter claims including pointing of accusing fingers surrounding the controversial private jet saga, Liberian leader George Weah has broken silence terming such rumor and media report as false and untrue.
“We don’t even have a bus to purchase so where will we get the money from to buy a 30m jet”,President Weah wonders.
According to him not every piece of information people read in a newspaper including the social media is true as such he urged his people to be watchful of false and misleading information.
Speaking over the weekend the pro-poor boss indicated that whatever he does is always in the complete interest of the masses and not for his personal gains.
He said his government is open to the public and will ensure that whatever decision he and his officials will take will be made public and in the interest of the masses.
The chief executive clarified that yes he is using a private jet but was quick to mention that it was not purchased by him or for him rather a kind gesture from a friend in Burkinafaso.
He explained further that his friend who was not named but is a manager for a company in Burkinafaso saw it fate to add prestige to him as a President of Liberia owing to his background instead of using always a branded/label plane,
This he term as been harmless as there is no need for the people of Liberia to worry about.
“I have worthy friends even people who I rendered assistance to over the period are now big and worthy people so if they want pay me back is it a problem”? Weah shocked his head and burst up in laughter.
Additionally he disclosed that plans are in the making for Liberia to have a commercial plane which will be flying in the region and back not a private jet is been speculated in the public.
He said plans are also in the pipe line to make Liberia a hub because of it’s central location and is key for the government to begin in that direction, he added.
President Weah clarification so far has brought the controversial discussion to another level with some people questioning the intend of the assistance from the Burkinafaso businessman,while others are looking out the constitutional and economic issues.
According to 9.2 of the constitution under gift and token,it States that any public official who received gifts or token should disclosed it to the public in seven days but in this case the nomiclature is not clear If the private jet was a gift,token or was borrowed something that raises more questions than answer.
However the government is on record for informing the Liberian people that she inherited a broke economy as such said offer giving to President Weah is welcoming and will help reduce economic burden and cost from their shoulders.
Compromise, intend,trust and conflict of interest are key concerns critics are raising regarding the Burkinafaso’s businessman offer to his friend, president Weah,though there are also security implications associated with said offer to the pro-poor boss but the Liberian leader focus of having a prestige as President and label plane and cost reduction is also of great concern to him.