President Weah echoes Collective Effort and Dialogue in mitigating economic hardship


President George Weah has cautioned Liberians to consider the need for a collective effort and dialogue as a means of revitalizing the economy for the better.

According to the Liberia Leader, a boast in the economy depends on the approaches of all Liberians.

Addressing the Nation Tuesday, President Weah noted dialogue  as a gateway that will provide the platform where all citizens regardless of the political, ethnic, stoical and religious backgrounds.

“Liberians will have to come together to support new measures that are necessary to address the economic problems the country is faced with”, he said Tuesday.

The dialogue, he added cut across the student community, religious groupings, political organization among others in an effort to synchronize ideas that will better the country dying economy.

The President in his Tuesday’s address to the nation, acknowledged the resilient, strong and matured democracy Liberia now has.

His statement is triggered by recent peaceful June 7 protest organized by the council of patriots and security apparatus who ensured the nonviolent environment of the protest.

The former Liberia football legend now president told the nation that his administration remains committed in preserving and upholding Liberia’s democracy.

we will continue listening and addressing the plight og the Liberia people as part of our mandate to protect the right of my people”, President Weah lamented.

This is additional to numerous commitment he has previously made to considering peaceful assembly,  press freedom among others.