“Disappointing, Uncomfortable” President Weah Frowns at GOL Educational Facilities and Authorities


President George Weah, has blasted education authorities for the poor handling of government high schools in Monrovia.

Weah not holding back his anger during a visit Wednesday expressed disappointment after inspecting the environment for which students are learning.

” I’m verY DISAPPOINTED to see this, is not possible and is very deplorable.”

On Wednesday January 13,2020, tour of President Weah  took him to  several Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) campuses.

The schools toured included, Tubman High School on 12th Street, Demostration School (Clay Street), New Port Junior High (Newport Street) Botswen Jr. HIGH School (Jamaica Road) and D.Tweh High School (New Kru Town).

The Liberian leader visitation to public schools was intended to see the environment for which Liberian students are learning, their sitting capacities, library condition amongst others.

Speaking in a disappointing tune, Mr Weah instructed the Education Minister  Ansu Soni and Finance Minister Samuel Tweh to work on repairing the schools facilities with in seventy-two hours.

The Liberian leader anger rose to warning government officials who are not doing their work well to put themselves in order.

The Liberian leader stressed the need for government officials to work in the interest of the Liberian people as the students are the future leaders of the country.

President Weah toured to the MCSS schools shows faults and disheartening situations within the government schools, ranging from over population of students in a class and not observing COVID-19 health protocols to dangerous campus facilities, the lack of school buses and low income of teachers naming few difficult situations the public schools are going through.

According to the President, the tour is gear to not listening to the education authorities that all is well but going out to see that those statements are true and young Liberians are satisfied with the education system.

Giving scholarship to Kajatu Balde a student of the 10th grade class of the D-Tweh Memorial High school in New Kru Town up to her university level, President Weah mentioned the need to build a center for the less fortunate on the streets commonly known as zogos.

Mr Weah said, when such people are put in a center and get some education, the crime rate will reduce and many Liberian will have the opportunity to pursue their dream work.

The tour was grace by top government officials including Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel Farlo McGill, Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweh, Education Minister  Ansu Soni, Information Minister Legendhood Rennie among others.


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