President Weah Hails Local Business Woman ( Vivian Wisner) For Top Annual Performance, As She Promises To Do More


Despite Liberia’s struggling economy couple with visible hardship and untold sufferings, there are other Liberians who have recognized the situation and have muster the courage thereby braving the storm to make a break through in society.

Though not everyone will be as courageous as Vivian but a milestone giant step can begin the example for others to emulate and one person who has so far exemplified that is a local Liberian cement distributor Vivian Wisner.

Owner of Vivian Business Center, Vivian a very strong woman who started a petty business from grassroot level is now a recognized face for cement distributors in Liberia for the year 2019.

At a well-attended ceremony Madam Wisner was recognized by President George Manneh Weah and the Managing Director of CEMENCO as the highest performing distributor of 2019 among her dominant male and females colleagues distributing over 160,000 bags of cement in 2019.

As the audience hastily render a hand of applause for her hard work, the Liberian leader encouraged Vivian to do more in order to help contribute immensely to the sector and the Country in general.

According to her it takes hard work, dedication and sacrifice to ensure she reached her goal.

Speaking to our reporter Madam Wisner said she supported the ruling establishment since 2005 but did not rely on it for job rather, she stood as an independent woman to help she and her family.

In said direction she encouraged all Liberians not to rely only on Government job to contribute to society rather by engaging into other self help businesses and other meaningful initiatives.

She urged her fellow females’ colleagues to build self-confidence and avoid dependency syndrome mainly on their husbands.

The local business woman promised to do more in order to make a positive change in the sector.

She said though there are challenges but with motivate, space and recognition they can make the difference.

“We are prepare to take over our own economy but needs a little push and support from national government”, she appealed.

According to her the recognization by the president and CEMENCO will serve as a challenge for her to do more and urged her colleagues to do same.



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