President Weah makes big promises, plans to provide online registration for UL students as four hundred light poles are expected to be installed at the Roberts International Airport Highway soon.

“You will not get big speeches from me but action is what I intend to deliver”said the Liberian chief executive.
This statement by the Liberian president appears to be gradually coming to reality evidence of the President Weah’s recent plans as part of his Government project poor agenda.
The Liberian leader catalog his short and long terms goals into few sectors to include:Health, Education, Infrastructure Development and many others.
Under health the chief executive promised to construct Liberia’s first modern Military hospital with two hundred beds and modern equipment as plans he noted are in the making for the ground breaking ceremony soon.
Additionally President Weah also instructed Finance Minister to make funds available to provide additional two hundred beds at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital.
His latest initiative was as a result of his recent visit to the hospital.
Overcrowdiness and other challenges over the period has engulfed that National health facility.
At the same time in the coming days more efforts to address the challenges of that hospital and the health sector in general are in the making.
Under Education Weah instructed Finance Minister Samuel Tweh to make necessary appropriations from the recent ten million the government received to carry on the long delay digital registration process at the State owned University of Liberia including the installation of wifi on the School’s campus.
This he added will enhance the students learning process including research.
The initiative if completed will be the first of its kind and will lay to rest the troubling and old age challenges students go through during regular registration process.
As for infrastructure development the CDC short and long term plans respectively, the Government plans to construct a modern bridge to link crown hill to Battery factory this she noted will ease traffic challenges as free flow of people and vehicles will be the order of the day.
On the other hand about four hundred light poles are expected to be installed at the Roberts International Airport Highway to ensure beautification.
The road at night hours is very dangerous due to the unavailable of lights but when completed such project will give the Country a new look.
In a related development the European Union has provided twenty million to the Government for technical Vocational Education programs in the South East.
The move is among other things intended to build the capacity of young people as well as provide them with the necessary opportunities to help prepare them for future challenges.
The proposed plans are part of the government poor agenda intended to help improve the living conditions of the people.
As part of the short term plan said projects are expected to kick up with in three to four months time.