President Weah Opens First SEMICA Liberia 2019 Convention& Exhibition, Encourages Trust Worthy Investors In Liberia


President George Weah has reiterated his government openness to investors exploration in Liberia.

According to him trust worthy international investors including partners will help Liberia in its developmental drive.

Speaking at the launch of the Semica International conference first of its kind in Liberia Dr. Weah noted that with the endowment of natural resources, Liberia has all it takes to attract international investors and other development partners to come and explore for the betterment of the people.

The Liberian leader spoke Thursday November 28, 2019 at an international conference with focus on the Mining, Energy and Petroleum where he received the Award of African Leadership for his work and contributions to the continent.

Also speaking at conference was the Minister of Mines & Energy of Burkina-faso Francois Ouedraogo who noted that it is about time for Africa’s potential to be reveal to the rest of the world through the full maximization of its natural resources.

He called for members in the region to work together to ensure that they realize the tangible goals in the sector.

The Burkina-Faso official praised Liberia for been a nation in the region with great mineral including oil and gas but was quick to mention that only with support of all, the utilization of these minerals will be used wisely for the well-being of the people.

At the same time the Minister of Mines and Energy Gesler Murray emphasized that the mining, energy and Oil and Gas sectors respectively are major engines of growth and should be maximized for the benefit of all.

“We are shifting the Paradigm with the focus of improving the sector for the best”, Minister Murray added.

As part of new measures and efforts in said regard he disclosed that a hub for the region to transport excess power is a vision for the sector and the Government is working on it along with other partners noting that increasing access of electricity to the people is part of the focus of the Government’s Pro- Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD)

The annual event which is the first of its kind in Liberia is a three-day initiative bringing together actors in the sector to discuss and as well show case and to the attract development partners to the sector in order for them to see the need to invest in  Liberia.

According to Deputy Mines and Energy Minister Carlton Miller the three days’ activities will see an intensive panel discussion, dialogue, presentations including exhibition sessions among panelists and other delegates.

Deputy Minister Miller named some of the topics for discussions as: Investment Opportunities in Liberia in the Mineral and Petroleum sectors, Mineral resources versus infrastructure among others which will be chaired by key actors in the sectors including Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah, the Head of National Oil Company of Liberia (NICOL) Cllr. Seifur Gray, the Chairman of the National Investment Commission Molewuleh B. Gray among others.

Meanwhile the international convention and exhibition has attracted participants from Sierra Leone, Burkina-Faso, Niger and among others and will climax on Friday.