President Weah sounds warning to Government officials, say they will be fire if…..


Liberian leader

George Weah says he will not hesitate to replace members of his cabinet who will fail to live up to his expectation.
He sounded the warning Wednesday at the start of the first cabinet meeting of his administration. β€œYou are here because you were chosen by me and approved by the Senate to do the people’s business.
I expect that you will be punctual in your attendance, diligent in your duties always and humble in your approach and dealings with the Liberian people who you serve.” President Weah noted.
His latest decision is the second thus far since his ascendency to the Nation’s top job.
President Weah recently constituted a Special Presidential Task Force to retrieve Government vehicles threatening drastic action against would-be violators.
Many see his positions to be very timely and critical to the forward march of his administration.
President Weah appears to be under immense pressure to deliver owing to the very high expectations from the people.
His pro-poor agenda has been heavily talked about with critics on the fence who are watching with eagle eyes to see its effective implementation.
Of late in the local media some Liberians and others are requesting that he declare his assets for the sake of transparency and expediency.
Though the Liberian leader is yet to officially address himself to said issue but many are of the view that said request is not timely while others are of the conviction that it is prudent he do so as a leader to ensure his cabinet ministers and other officials of government follow suit all in the interest of the people of Liberia.