President Weah submits bill to the Legislature to make power theft Economic Crime…


President George Weah has submitted to the House of Representatives a bill to amend chapter 15 of the new panel law of Liberia. The document titled, an act to amend the panel law chapter 15 by adding a new section 15.88 seeks to make electricity theft an Economic Sabotage crime. Economic Sabotage Is a non billable offence under the statue of the State.

In his communication, President George Weah said, the increase in electricity theft is causing the Liberia Electricity Corporation to loose about $35 million United States Dollars. “The LEC is rendered incapable to uphold its statutory mandate because of criminal activities”, President Weah says.

Illegal connections, according to the Liberian Chief Executive, is preventing the LEC from supplying other communities and businesses that could contribute more revenue to the Liberian government.

The piece of Legislative instrument quotes the Liberian leader as saying, “because of dangerous illegal connections, lives and properties are destroyed on a daily basis”.  He wonders why people would get involved into acts that have the proclivity to damage the Country’s Economic Development.

The letter further quotes President Weah as craving the indulgence of the House of Representatives to swiftly act in the interest of the state. The enactment of the bill according to President Weah, will improve the energy sector and support the “Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.

Mr. Weah communique was forwarded to the Houses’ committees on Lands, Mines and Energy and Judiciary to report to the Plenary in two weeks.