President Weah Suspends Tariff On Rice

Tariff on imported rice, Liberia’s staple has been suspended with immediate effect.
The suspension of import tariff on rice is classified under tariff numbers 1006.30.00, in packing of more than 5kg or in the bulk; 1006.30.00, in packing of at least 5kg and 1006.40.00 (broken rice) under the Revenue Code of Liberia Act of 2000.
The issuance of Executive Order #105 by President George Weah is in pursuance of government’s overall desire to continue to bring relief to the Liberian people.
The Executive Order, which follows the expiration of Executive Order #98, underscores government’s commitment to ensuring that prices of certain commodities on the market, including rice, remain affordable as not to impose unnecessary burden on the people.
President Weah said in the Executive Order that government has conducted an assessment and evaluation on the causes of increases in the price of various strategic commodities, including rice, and that his administration intends to initiate measures to ameliorate the situation.
The continuous suspension of tariff hinges on the need to curb concurrent increase in the price of rice and to make it more affordable, the President observed, stressing that such measures can’t await long legislative processes.
“There is a need for exigent measures to achieve the desired objectives of easing the economic burden on the citizens and residents to enable access to rice, the staple food,” the President said.