Prevail ends one day 5&6 National Consultative Stakeholders Meeting


The partnership for Research on Ebola Virus Disease (Prevail) today May 3rd,2018 climaxed a one day stakeholders meeting at the Monrovia City Hall.
The one day event brought together Liberians from Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, Margibi and Montserrado Counties including surrounding communities.
The aim of the meeting was to adequately informed stakeholders in the sector about progress and other related activities that Prevail has carried out over the period as far as the prevail 5&6 study is concerned.
Prevail 5 study among other things looked out how long the virus can still in humans mainly children and adults while the 6 study looks out genetics of people.
Speaking at the opening of the meeting the Social Mobilization & Community Engagement Pillar Lead, Prevail SMC Ambassador Juli Endee praised community dwellers for their usual cooperation to the process.
She said the achievements thus far of the study is as a result of local, traditional and the total involvement as well as full cooperation from the people, this Ambassador Endee noted is commendable.
Presenting some statistical details to the stakeholders today was Joseph Boye Cooper Advocacy Lead Prevail Liberia who noted that about 2,220 volunteers both adults and children have successfully enrolled at the prevail 5 study, while about 3,000 have thus far enrolled at prevail six according to Dr. Jestina Doe Anderson.
Giving break down further he added that of that number 952 are children while 1268 are adults.
Though the targeted number is 4,900 persons but Mr. Cooper indicated that the current figure is welcoming as they are certain of reaching such benchmark soon especially with the Mobilization of the people which they are impressed about.
The study is Meanwhile been carried out in Guinea and Sierra Leone as Mali is expected to follow suit subsequently.
Currently the team is in Lofa and according to Bartholomew Wilson the reception from the people in Lofa County is welcoming.
In further detailed information Dr. Mosoka Fallah, PI prevail Liberia told the gathering that the process which Liberia has embarked upon is crucial, historic making and will help to at the end fully and professionally informed the world on how to effectively manage Ebola in the future,mainly from Liberia’s and the global perspective.
He reflected during the heat of the Crisis that it was a very tough one but Liberia on the overall did well.
In terms of achievements Dr. Fallah noted that the study has shown to them and to the world at large that a pregnant woman who survived Ebola but has a child, suck child can’t be affected by the disease.
His justification was due to a scientific study done in about one hundred pregnant women as well as some of whom he added are currently living a normal life and not a mere assumption. Additionally he noted that some breast feeding mothers according to their study can’t as perceive transmit the virus.
The one day meeting was intended to give the stakeholders as well as Liberians in general and the world the broader picture on how far they have gone and what needs to be done from the community’s end to improve on the process.