Prioritize plumbers of LWSC or you will not succeed. Workers association chair warned new boss.

The spokesperson of the workers association of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation Mohammed Kamara has strongly cautioned the newly appointed and inducted Deputy Managing Director for Administration of the corporation Monsory Momo to put first the interest and key concerns of all plumbers of the Corporation.
According to him the entity is a plumbing related one as such technicians in the plumbing sector should be prioritized.
In the absence of that Kamara bluntly stated that Mr. Momo will not achieve anything at the corporation.
He said the corporation is backward because the key actors, the plumbers are been over looked, marginalized and abandoned by past administration this he noted should not be repeated under the pro-poor agenda of the CDC led government.
He named some of the challenges which they faced over the past few years as:lack of benefits to include insurance, hospital and many others.
Additionally he stated that bad labor practices, salaries delay, discrimination in position in terms of promotion, delay in full employment to deserving people are among the many huddles they have experienced over the period, noting that the time for change is now.
Mr. Kamara wonders why they will have ten engineers eight of which have masters degrees yet pipe borne water can’t reach the nation’s capital Monrovia.
“This is regrettable”, he uttered.
He said in as much as they respect the engineers but indicated that bulk of them are not needed at the corporation unlike the plumbers.
In a strong tune he added”Let the engineers go to the Public Works Ministry is where they belong”, he noted.
The mouth piece of the LWSC workers bragged that if plumbers who he noted are original employees of the corporation are giving the opportunity to acquire advance training they can do their best to ensure that pipe borne water is supplied across the Country.
Currently the plumbers are placed into different categories and if their proper needs are met according to categories they will perform excellently, Kamara assured his new boss.
Speaking at the turning over ceremony of the new boss of the corporation Mr. Kamara pledged his colleagues full support and commitment to work with the new administration noting that satisfaction brings results as such if they are well supported and satisfied to the core they will perform to expectations.
“We know our jobs and we do have the passion for what we do, all we ask is for management to support us and give us what we deserve, Mohammed noted.
Delivering his induction speech at the turning over ceremony the new LWSC boss Monsory Momo in a timely faction promised to prioritize plumbers at the corporation, a statement which was greeted with commendation from the workers.
He urged all employees to work together to ensure that they achieve collectively the Government pro-poor agenda.
As part of his ambitious initial plans for the corporation Mr. Momo said that under his watch as Deputy Managing Director for Administration the corporation, he will extend the daily pumping of water supply from about 6.5m gallons to 10 million gallons this he is certain can be done only with all employees involvement.
He also named decentralization of water supply to rural parts of Liberia as part of his many focus areas.
Already with the support of international partners some rural communities are and will in the coming months benefit from pipe borne water supply.
Water is a perishable commodity that sits at the top of every order agenda to include:health, development, electricity amongst others

and can’t be over emphasized.

Over the period in Liberia due to the lack of pipe borne water supply to the people many persons lost their life’s as a result of water borne diseases such as chloride and dyherrea


Currently in most parts of rural Liberia as well as some settlements in Montserrado County people are still in this 21st century age drinking from creeks, unsafe wells, the filtering of swamp water in the traditional style for cooking and drinking and many more.
The corporation is the legal government armed responsible to provide safe and clean pipe borne water to its people.
LWSC has two components the water and the sewage components respectively.
According to officials of the LWSC the corporation has a bad debt of about 2m, a challenge and many others the new boss has inherited and needs to work on effectively especially to address some of the pressing ones.