Prophetess 59 Years Graduates From High School, Calls On Her Peers To Follow Suit


The race to narrowing the illiteracy rate gap in Liberia appears to be getting gradually and increasingly competitive with the older folks leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that this time around they are not left behind the line but to become a part of the history making process.

Though the challenges experienced in Liberia’s educational sector are enormous, the reality remains that obtaining quality education despite the challenges can’t be over emphasized.

In Education according to a professor, age is not a barrier and indeed this is so much a reality in achieving education especially with the desire and determination of an individual.

Well this is the case of a well-focused and courageous prophetess: Parsha Karima Gray who on Saturday August 31, 2019 exited the walls of High School from the Monrovia Open Bible Church School System on the old Road in district number ten Montserrado County.

The Woman of God said she dropped out of High School years ago in order to give her children the necessary care and support they needed at the time thereby depriving her of such chance to acquire quality education.

However the determined Graduate narrated that she later in 2017 got her motivation and enrolled back to School after a revelation she received from God Almighty in her dream.

According to her, in her dream she was in line for inspection of School Document and was later asked who is your general and she responded by saying if “I say Charles Taylor, former Liberian President, I will be doing harm to myself” though she did not specified the reasons why she meant that but she was later on in her dream told that she had one document missing in her file and that was her high School papers something she noted motivated and challenged her to complete her High School education having dropped in the 11th Grade.

She told our reporter that she started from the 10th grade and later grew keen interest in Economics and begin her studies and finally, she is a successful high school graduate.

“I am so happy and proud to be called a High School Graduate and to complete my desire goal in life” Madam Gray told residents of the Sophie Community in Congo Town where she reside.

Her story was a motivation to many as several residents in the Community shower praises on her for her bold step taken in completing her high school educational sojourn despite her age of 59.

The proud Sophie Community resident and graduate used her story to encouraged her peers not to see age as a barrier in achieving education including anything in life, noting that once they have the passion and willingness, they can achieve more.

So far in 2019 Madam Gray is the second over age woman to graduate from High School.

It can be recalled in July of this year a woman age 60, one year older than mother Gray graduated from High School in central Liberia, Bong County.

With the number gradually increasing and with the media constant report, it could serve as a motivation for others to muster the courage and complete their high school education and even extend to University level there-by closing the gap of illiteracy rate in Liberia which is also an attributing factor to some of the problems facing Liberia.

In Liberia, several people dropped out of high school for diverse reasons but with the gate now open to complete evidence of the two courageous mothers, many may as well see it as a motivation and a challenge to follow-suit later.

Short Voice Interview, brief Script and Photo Credit By: Intern Reporter : Richmond Kelvin Dunn