Protest at Cuttington University Over Bad Labor Activities


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong County Correspondent)

Several Workers of Cuttington University are in the Second day of protest on the Suakoko campus, Bong County demanding the Administration’s of Dr. Hermon Browne to pay eight months salaries owed.

The aggrieved workers said, the Cuttington University Administration has for the past eight months allegedly refused to paid their salaries and other benefits that they are entitled, thereby placing them in a serious financial constraints in taking care of their families.

The aggrieved employees were seen holding placards with inscriptions,  “We need our salaries now, no salaries no school.”

According to them, the school has not paid them since February of this year, adding that the situation has undermined daily activities in their homes especially when it comes to finding food and catering to other domestic affairs.

“Since I started working at Cutting here, this is my first time to experience this, imagine eight months no pay and we have not seen any sighs of payment, so we want to let the government and Cuttington know that if we can’t get our money, there will be no operation of the school,” Emmanuel Harris one of the aggrieved Workers said.

According to him, the University’s President Dr. Brown is living the best life and his children are eating on time but he has abandoned the welfare of Workers of the Institution which has left them in complete financial difficulties.

“If Dr. Browne doesn’t give our money, we will not leave from this gate, we will continue to sit here until our money are paid” he concludes.

Also speaking, Papa Gaye a Driver of the school said, if the school gives them five months salaries, they will accept it but if that cannot be done, they will continue to disrupt the activities of the school.

“Dr. Browne is corrupt, since he came here we hardly get what we working for and it is very much disappointing that an Educated man like him will want to abuse the labor laws of our Country in Such manner” he adds.

Mr. Gaye maintained that they will remain resolute in their decision until CU Administration adheres to their concerns.

He warns that failure on the part of the school authorities to meet up with this demand, they will engage in to something else that will forced the Administrators to pay their money.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brown has welcomed the protest and asked the aggrieved staffs to remain peaceful in the process.

“No sound minded person will keep working without pay, if I were not in this position that I am serving, myself would join you to protest because it’s a complete bad labor pratcice.”

The CU President has promised to reach Monrovia with the concern of the workers, hoping to return with their money.