The Management of Pump & Tank Maintenance Company, Robertsport outstation has planned to shout down the entire water supply system in the city due to arrears.

The management team strongly called upon the Managing Director of the Liberia Water & Sewer Cooperation to pay their three month salary arrears so as to enable them sustain their families .

They said an agreement made in the presence of the Liberia Water & Sewer Cooperation Engineer (R.E) and the Local Steering Committee (LSC) on February 25, 2021 committed them to paying at least three months of their salary arrears out of the five months owed.

They further said, that upon the commitment made by Mrs. Johnett L.G. Peters, the Chief Finance Officer of Pump & Tank head office, they were going to receive three months salary arrears out of the five months.

She said, USAID has consented to take over subsides as of January 2021 for which it wasn’t realized.

Meanwhile, the management said, the DMDF for finance at Liberia Water & Sewer Cooperation, Minister J. Sensee Morris confirmed to pay portion of the money owed by LWSC during their recent field visit to Robeertsport Outstation before the end of February 2021 and copy of the communication to authenticate their action is in the possession of KMTV Liberia.

“With the welcoming updates from Mrs. Peters and the confirming statement made by DMDF at Liberia Water & Sewer Cooperation office and was agreed upon with her appeal and commitment, to allocate additional one week which ended on the 7th of March, “they asserted.