Public School Teachers In Gbarpolu County Go-Slow Action Enters Day Three

Scores of Public School Teachers in Gbarpolu County Wednesday entered day three of their Go-Slow Action in demand of their salaries.
The aggrieved teachers on Monday embarked on the radical action in the County to send a clear signal and or attention  to central government to see the need to address their plights.
According to reports the aggrieved teachers are in their hundreds and are under the umbrella  of what is referred to as “BULK-PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS IN GBARPOLU  COUNTY.
They claimed that since July of 2019 they are yet to receive their salaries and it is greatly affecting them.
“We are unable to take care of our homes, send our children to School, among others and this is seriously embarrassing”, they told KMTV News.
In an interview with an employee of Afriland annex  where they usually get their salaries from in Bopolu City, he finds no pleasure in not paying the teachers but so far he is yet to receive any money neither signals from Central Bank of Liberia or the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning regarding Teachers pay, noting that he too feels their pain as well but can do nothing about it now.
Currently the teachers go to School but do not enter classes leaving the students vulnerable only to play but not to learn as expected, our reporter said.
As a result of the situation some of the teachers are now reduced  to cutting contracts at local rice farms in the County just to help sustain their families.
They aggrieved teachers say they remain unbinding in their quest until their issues are addressed.
This is the second time in rural Liberia where teachers have gone on Go-Slow in demand of salary payment.
It can be recalled mostly recently that Bomi Teachers also in Western Liberia staged similar action in Tubmanburg City.
No official statement up till press time regarding the Gbarpolu’s Bulk teachers situation has been made public but of recent national Government through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in collaboration with the Education Ministry announced the commencement of payment to teachers salaries  across Liberia after they through the National Teachers Association of Liberia and other Civil Society Groups in the sector presented a petition statement to the government and outlined some of their issues of priority for redress including salary delay, insurance and many others.
Well until the plights of the aggrieved  Teachers in Gbarpolu County can be addressed,the innocent students who are eager to acquire quality education  are now left in limbo while some of their colleagues are in school.