Public Schools in Margibi Lacks Teachers, Instructional Materials, As MOE Collects Fees


More than 10 public elementary schools in Margibi County 5th Administrative Districts lacks teachers while some are being controlled by just single instructors.

In addition to this ‘old age problem’, is also the lack of instructional materials, coupled with the collection of tuition fees by the Ministry of Education authorities in the Country.

Mr. Archie B. Konoe, Weala Public School Principal, said they have at least 300 students to cater to in the school, which is just 15kms from Kakata City, Margibi County.

The Weala Public School Principal told KMTV that due to the distance from Kakata, and the payment of Supplementary teachers, he had brought in additional teachers to help the institution but their assistant didn’t feel motivated and so they left the institution.


MR. Konoe told our Margibi County correspondent that, he is forced to occupy multiple roles at the Weala Public school due to the lack of administrators and teachers.

According to Mr. Konoe, he has gone to most houses in search of people to volunteer their services to teach their own children but has found no one willing.

The Principal of the institution in Weala district #5 Mr. Archie B. Konoe informed our reporter that since the 2019/2020 academic year began, the teacher, who taught the kindergarten section last school year, hasn’t been back; so that section is without any teacher at the moment.

Principal Konoe also disclosed that the school lacks Science, Math, History and Civic teachers for the senior high division.

The lack of instructors for those very important subjects wasn’t’ unique to the community school principles of other public schools in the county also told KMTV how they are lacking other administrative staffs, including teachers for English, Science, Arithmetic, Bible, Reading, writing, Phonics, Arts and Physical Education among others subjects, which are prescribed by the Ministry of Education for elementary and junior high levels.

Some of the principles said they are forced to teach two to three subjects at their school.

“I visit all of the classes, but I am a single person, so when I am in one class and students in the other classes are causing noise, I do not listen to their noise, because they know that I cannot divide myself to be all over the places,” one of the principals said.

Parents’ Reactions:

During the tour, some parents complained that they were being told to pay fees under President George Manneh Weah’s administration they were only used to just buying their children’s uniforms and copybooks during the last administration.

Parents Moses Yarkopwulo and Mary Sumo in Weala after a recent PTA meeting, told KMTV that they had gotten used to just sending their children at the beginning of the school year without paying any school fees but are now being told to pay fees.