PUL Brands Root FM & Freedom As Bad Apples In The Liberian Media Sector, Writes LTA & MICAT


Following barrage of complains and condemnations from all quarters about unprofessionalism in the Liberian media, the umbrella journalists body, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) named two media institutions: Freedom FM and Roots Fm as bad apples within the media landscape of Liberia.

According to PUL President Charles Coffey, Freedom FM which is owned by deputy National Security Agency boss Sam Siryon  on September 20, 2019 practiced what he described as unethical journalism by using invective, inciting  people as well as violating the code of ethics of the profession something he noted they have been officially and repeatedly warned against to desist but to no avail.

He said their broadcast had the propensity to create instability in the land and a weapon of danger as such the union is now coerced to name  and shame them to the public.

Additionally, he stressed that Roots FM owned by Political Commentator Henry Costa has repeatedly been involved in the practice of bad journalism something he noted the Union will not condone.

” We give up on the” he added.

The PUL President said in a move to show their seriousness about the issue, it has officially written the regulatory government and lessons authority to include the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) and the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) to take appropriate action.

He said they are tired of warning and condemning  as such the ball is now in the coat of the relevant Government line ministry and agency to act in the interest of the Country and the sector.

Mr. Coffey has at the same time frowned at media owners who he  observed are enriching themselves at the detriment of their workers.

Coffey uttered that Media owners are investing in themselves, riding flashy cars and living in luxurious  homes while their workers are suffering on a daily basis.

“The economic condition of reporters including media workers in Liberia is appalling and unacceptable and needs to be addressed”, the PUL Boss said.

He pointed out that  it is about time that media owners see it important to boast the economic strength of their workers which he indicated is discouraging at present.

Coffey Named: Low and delay salaries, lack of insurance and medical benefits as huge challenges affecting journalists nationwide.

According to him the Union is working on a draft methodology to ensure that media owners are compare to do the right thing for their workers.

However, he commended some media houses who are doing much better but noted that more needs to be done.