PUL Concludes Senatorial Debate in Sinoe with One Candidate in Attendance


The Press Union of Liberia on Friday, December 4, 2020, Conducted its Senatorial Debate for Candidates contesting the midterm election in Sinoe; with only one Candidate attending, out of the four contestants.

The debate which was greatly attended by citizens was graced only by Candidate of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Madam Grace Scotland Briahma. The occasion according to PUL was to allow citizens to get a clearer view of candidates’ manifesto and giving a chance to citizens to interact with their would-be leaders.

Madam Grace Scotland Briahma being the only female contesting the Senatorial Election in Sinoe, presented her agenda to the public with more emphasis on women empowerment, health, and education.

According to madam Briahma if women are empowered, it will help bring relief and developments and will help in the reduction of poverty.

Madam Briahma said if Liberia must move forward with its development, it needs more female representation both at the upper and lower houses. She stressed the need for gender inclusiveness at all levels.

Many citizens expressed frustration over the absence of the other candidates, stating that it is shameful seeing those who want to represent them staying away from presenting their manifesto and interact with them the citizens.

“We were expecting to see all the candidates here today to be able to ask them what on our mind and to also hear from them’ Archie Kumeh of the attendant said.”

When contracted some of the contestants on why they were absent, they attributed campaign engagements as the reasons for their absence.

The event was held at the J. Dominic Bing City Hall and brought together citizens, Civil Society organizations among others.