Rally Time For Mankind To Defeat COVID-19


In times like these where the dreadful Coronavirus continues to kill and beset our progressive path to development and prosperity as a nation and people, it requires every household and individual alike in respective of age(s) from all spheres of society to consider this moment as a Rally time to fightback.

We MUST together see such nightmare as man’s worst enemy and stand-tall to fightback heads-on or else, it might forcefully quarantine all of us into a compulsory “stay indoor ambush” of starvation and unbearable economic impecuniosity.

Therefore, In such a Rally Time, the use of anti infectious nuclear weaponry; powered by high substances of disinfection i.e instant hand sanitizer and other antimicrobials as well as mandatory hand-washing are some of the artilleries to defeat this killer pandemic.

By this, I, in my turn of captivated inspiration and irresistible fight, do also see a nation (Liberia ) as an energized republic and people who are totally involved in/with this call for a Rally Time to Defeat this enemy of mankind.

In such a Rally Time, I see a dynamic nation propelled by forces and un-diminishing faith to rise from the darkness of fear to boldly lift their hands to be regularly washed, sanitized and abide by all health protocols as a way forward to contain and defeat this enemy. (COVID-19).

This call is necessary because as I gaze across the horizon of the painful global death-toll with deep distress for all those who have already been consumed by this pandemic, I still see the rewarding glimpse of my beloved country (Liberia) and foreigners alike with the resilience to remain totally involved and abide by an individualistic hand-washing and required health protocols in order to stay safe.

Dimly before my eyes from a faraway distance to different homes and social distancing in a Rally Time like these, I also see the courage of our kids to keep safe by obeying the rules of engagement( Constant Hand-washing ) with the aid of the parents.

Above all, beyond the horizon, bursting upon my sight, I see and behold the beauty of a glorious land of liberty(Liberia) wherein the dignity of mankind will be preserved by God’s command.

For this to happen, It is high time for the rich, poor, ordinary -less-fortune , opposition, none- position, governing position as well haters and agents of generational envy to build the wall of self defense by the deployment of anti infectious nuclear weaponry; powered by high substances of disinfection i.e instant hand sanitizer and other antimicrobials as well as mandatory hand-washing if/when we MUST stay safe and defeat this wicked killer disease.

It pays to keep Safe ! Your health your wealth

About the Author :

Malcolm W. Scot, Interim Vice President, Reporter Association
Malcolm W. Scot

Malcolm W. Scott is a Cooperate Communication –Propaganda Specialist . Scott has an accomplished record in the Liberian Media Community from a trainee to Editor –In –Chief and Former Student Leader whilst perusing his undergraduate and Graduate studies at Liberia’s Premier University (UL ) and CUC .

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics, Post Graduate Certificate in Public Policy from the Liberia Institute of Public Administration and Masters in Public Sector Management from the Cuttingon University. Scott also Lectures of Economics at the United Methodist University( UMU). He can be reached @ malcolmscott.npa@gmail.com


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