Rapist Gets 30-Years Imprisonment


Criminal Court ‘A’ has sentenced defendant Saah Joseph, a steel bender to thirty years at the Monrovia Central Prison for raping and killing a 15-Year-Old Sex Worker -Vivian Wright in the New Georgia Community.

Judge Roosevelt Willie’s Thursday June 28, said that convict Saah Joseph will spent twenty-fives of his thirty-years punishment in prison with remaining five-years on probation service but with good behavior.

Convict Saah Joseph, age 21, met the 15-Year-Old Sex Worker Vivian Wright at the Club-88 in the New Georgia Community in mid-December, 2018 and spent a night with her for Twenty United States Dollar but her refusal to allow him abuse her in her anus led to her death.

Judge Willie’s June 28, Judgement according to reports, comes after convict Saah Joseph admitted raping and killing the 15-Year-Old Sex Worker to avoid life imprisonment.

RCI Judicial Reporter, Peter Toby further revealed that convict Saah Joseph is expected to complete his thirty-years sentence at the age of fifty-one.


  1. Vivian was not a sex worker. You guys are so wrong!!!! That lil girl lived with her mother right in that same community. She’s dead now, so you people got this story about her. Make your research properly before writing such a story only because that’s what this fool of a rapist said. If you’re so lazy to make research about Vivian, say “an alleged sex worker.” I’m so disappointed in your reportage, KMTV.

  2. Even if she is a sex worker that is not substantial enough for that idiot to do what he did.i think 30 years is not enough for that individual.

    • Are you kidding me,someone rape and kill an innocent child and you judge them with a minimum sentence.
      That so of a swan deserves life imprisonment.

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