REACH, Partner Identify with Visually Impaired Group in Margibi

Visually Impaired

By Abraham Kollie (Margibi Correspondent)

Rescued Abandoned and Children in Hardship (REACH) in collaboration with a Liberian based in Minnesota USA Sizi Goyah has identified with a visually impaired group in Kakata, Margibi County.

The donation to the Margibi branch of the Liberia Christian Association of the Blind follows as a result of an article published by KMTV on June 29, highlighting calls made by the group over the lack of support amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Materials donated include 22 bags of 25kg rice along with US$165. REACH in collaboration with its partner, Mr. Goyah, also renovated the only damaged hand pump in the community of the visually impaired group in the county.

Speaking to KMTV on Tuesday, July 29, Mr. Goyah said the donation is part of his own way of identifying with the visually impaired group. He noted that in such a troubling time, individuals with disabilities need to be attended to most especially the visually impaired group who cannot get the needed material to cater to them and their family.

Mr. Goyah has further praised the management of KMTV Liberia for telling untold stories across the country.

Receiving the donation, the head of the visually impaired group lauded REACH and Mr. Goyah for the gesture and described it as timely. Mr. Moses Kpalah said the donation will greatly help them during this pandemic.

“We want to use this medium to say thanks to the family of REACH and Mr. Goyah for coming to our aid. We never expected this at this time but we want to say thank you,” Mr. Kpalah said.


Rescued Abandoned and Children in hardship (REACH) is a registered, legal and not-for-profit, local non-governmental organization that provides scholarships, mentoring, and addresses the needs of smart, but underprivileged kids. Underprivileged kids in the category of unemployed parents or dead parents, single parents, orphans, street kids, or kids who come from homes where they are sexually and domestically abused.

It is the organization’s intent that every child from such a background or category will be given the opportunity to be educated and have equal opportunities. REACH also provides counseling to teenage pregnant ladies and mothers. It also attends to the needs of abused and raped kids and even has a legal representation of them in courts.

Major Projects/Initiatives

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  2. Medical in partnership with Community Partnerships International for terminally ill kids whose parents can’t afford their medical cost.
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  4. REACH’s annual end of year/Christmas Party where we present gifts to poor and underprivileged kids and also feast them to a lot of food. It is an opportunity to share Christ’s love to these kids and to let them know that God cares for them.
  5. Annual Back To School Kits: Schools in Liberia end their academic year every July and reopens in early September. In early August of every year, we host our annual back to school kits distribution of copybooks, book bags, pencils, to underprivileged kids!!
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