Rep. Fallah Recalls Awful Open Defecation; Calls for Robust Intervention

Rep. Thomas Fallah

Representative Thomas Fallah has for the first time shared public his awful moment with open defecation and called for a more robust intervention in Liberia.

Speaking at the Water Sanitation and Hygiene consultation Thursday in Monrovia, the Lawmaker said, it is shameful that kids and their parents squat in the open particularly on the West Point beach in Monrovia to defecate.

“On the beach in West Point you see little kids going to defecate with their male counterparts, they squat on the beach, the guys on the other side the kids on the other side, what’s the security right there?

You see our mothers, she is not my wife or I’m not her husband, but we go on the beach we squat. Why are we doing about it in the 21st century?  I think it’s something that should claim all of us attention.” The lawmaker said.

The District # 5 Lawmaker of Montserrado County and a member of the ruling party, Collation   for Democratic Change (CDC), also disclosed that people in rural areas naming the Ricks Community also excrete in the bushes.

Recounting a funny but real experience, the lawmaker stated, why visiting the area during the recent campaign he asked an elderly woman to use her restroom and the lady inform him that she had non but directed him to the bush which they use as restroom.

We went some parts of district #17 in the Ricks Community, I got stuck one day in the car and I told my driver I wanted to use the restroom, sorry to say we got in a little village, I asked the Oldman, saying  oh my mother can I use your restroom? The Oldman was proud to tell me my son sorry the only place we have here to use is back there in the bush. There is no bathroom, there’s no toilet so I asked how do you people manage? The Oldman said all of us go in the bush.”

Representative Fallah said, the situation was troubling but realizing how jammed he was it compelled him to venture into the bush to ease himself which was just one of his first experience in the bush.

The lawmaker also narrated that what really got to him was the lack of bathroom and tissues and had to squat something he had not done for a long time.

“What really got to me not going in the bush, it has been a while squatting to defecate and the Oldman said here’s the bush.  The second thing the Oldman said no tissue and I asked how your can manage it here Oldman? And the Oldman said that leaf ooo my son, and it’s like the Oldman was intentionally trying to deal with me, telling policy makers that this is how we live, these are things we go through.” Fallah concluded.

The lawmaker also challenged stakeholders to be realistic at the consultation and promised to support and champion the WASH sector in Liberia.


Credit: D. Laymah E. Kollie