Rep. Kogar Describes Gompa City Office As ‘Kitchen’, Blames Lawmakers


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Correspondent Nimba County)

Representative Samuel Gongben Kogar of Nimba County Electoral District #5 has described the office of the Gompa City Corporation (GCC) as a ‘kitchen’ hall.

The Lawmaker says, Ganta as a swinging city in Nimba, the office of the City Government is far below the virtue of a place regarded as one of the bumming cities in the country.

” This place does not resemble the city of Ganta. This place is looks like a kitchen… I want to tell you today.” Hon. Kogar told the Mayor.

Ganta was created as a City in 1977 by the Legislature and officially named Gompa City.

Ever since that time, the city has grown into one of the busiest in Liberia in terms of business and infrastructural development.  Sadly, the city does not have a City Hall until now.

The Buu-Yao Policymaker also wants the city to have a modernized and representable City Hall where citizens can converge to commemorate historical events as well host special stakeholders meetings.

” The hall of a city serves as a recipe or conduit by which society converge.” The Lawmaker said.

Meanwhile, Rep. Kogar who is the Chairman of the House’ Committee,  blamed the poor condition of the Gompa City Council Office as well as the lack of City Hall on the Nimba Legislative Caucus.

He said Nimba being one of the counties with a huge number of Lawmakers at the House of Representative, it is sad to have one of the leading trade cities in the country without a contemporary City Hall.

” We should be able to ensure that the county we represent is ably and adequately represented at the National Legislature.”

This is about time we make use of our number that we always boast of. You should blame us as Lawmakers because the appropriating powers lie in our hands.” He lamented.

The tough talking Nimba County Lawmaker has therefore vowed to lobby with the national government through the help of his colleagues to ensure that a budget is allocated in order to erect a representable City Hall in Gompa in the near future.

Speaking further, he urged Mayor Amos N. G. Suah to make a requisition to the House of Representatives through the Caucus so that they (Lawmakers) can push for Gompa City to be captured in the national budget.

The administration of Mayor Suah started a City Hall project in May 2019, but the construction work has been halted due to the lack of financial support.

According to the Gompa City Mayor, the total cost of the project is  estimated at $4,88000USD ( four hundred eighty-eight thousand United States dollars).

Gompa as a City depends solely on the municipal taxes to run its government and this actually challenging according to the Lord Mayor.

The City also lacks a vehicle to be use for collection of garbage across the street allays.

” We want tomorrow when the President comes they (residents) should say let’s go to the city hall, not kitchen hall. Rep. Kogar concluded.

He made the deliberation while addressing a group of Commerce Inspectors at the Gompa Corporation City Office over the weekend in Ganta, Nimba County.