Rep. Sonii Suspends Membership With LP


By: Leticia Afecia ( Contributor)

Grand Cape Mount County Representative Mambu M. Sonii has suspended his membership with Liberty Party, citing administrative reasons.

Representative Sonii handle his suspension letter to the Party’s Chairman Senator Stephen A. Zargo on June 22, 2020.

The Lawmaker who joined the party since 2011, said, his reasons for quitting the party is due to what he terms as unliteral decision being made without getting the views of other party members.

“I also had hopes that political decisions would have been taken based on all-inclusive consultations. Unfortunately, this is gradually shifting away and I may not want to see myself with such a fray in an unfamiliar direction,” Rep. Sonii said .

The Grand Cape Mounty District #2 Lawmaker said everyone must be treated equally regardless of color, religion, or income in every political party.

“Evidently, it has always been his wish for the Liberty Party to do well in all elections in Liberia including the upcoming 2020 mid-term Senatorial elections.”

Rep. Sonii further said, he’s confident enough that his decision will in no way hinder any affairs of the LP because he will remain engaged with mutual partnership aimed at fostering a common agenda for Liberia while serving the people of Grand Cape Mount County.