Rep. Tarponweh Calls for National Memorial Center


The Chairperson of the Margibi County Legislative Caucus, Representative Tibelrosa Tarponweh, has called on the Government of Liberia to use the historical Disco Hills Ebola Burial site to establish a national memorial tourist center for international researchers.

Rep. Tarponweh said, the site is gradually fading away due to the lack of proper care. As such, establishing a national memorial tourist center, he added, will aid in generating government revenues.

He made the call Wednesday when he visited the Disco Hills Ebola Cemetery in Margibi County to pay tribute to all fallen Ebola victims in observance of National Decoration Day.

“Even though I must add that this place is progressively deteriorating because of lack of care and funding, we want partners and government to come in. But there are things we can do; it doesn’t require partners to do for us. Just as we find the money for other things, this should be prioritized.

“This can be a revenue generator; it can be a tourist site. I can recall two years ago a woman came here from Michigan University to do research. I was so impressed, Rep.Tarponweh said.

The Margibi County District #1 Lawmaker however vowed to exert more pressure on all relevant authorities for the establishment of the national memorial center. “We all praise Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Ghana and other countries for the good things they are doing. In our country, we are only interested in speeches.

We have been engaging institutions that are responsible for this site. So, we will be aggressive, henceforth, so that what needs to be done, must be done,” he added. He recounted his stance against the unsafe burning of Ebola victims in 2014, which led to the establishment of the Disco Hill Ebola Cemetery that hosts over 3,600 Ebola victims.

He said the Ebola victims bones and ashes which are stored in a tent within the cemetery, must be officially buried to make the beginning of an event memorializing.