Rep. Youngblood Lashes At Senator Dillon’s Scholastic Credentials But Dillion Throws Indirect Jabs

Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood
Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood

Days upon her returned to Liberia and showing up in public space, Montserrado County Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood, is verbally  attacking  and challenging  Montserrado County newly elected Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, about his educational credentials and to make them  public.

Representative Pelham-Youngblood challenged to the Senator is as a result from comments allegedly made by Senator Dillon about CDC Lawmaker Abu Kamara.

Said Munah “ I send an open debate to the Senator of Montserrado County, show me these four things and I will consider you in the lead of Abu Kamara but until then, I agree with you, you’re not in the same lead and because you not in the same lead with Abu you know you not in the same lead with me because I hold a master degree” she lamented.

She challenged Senator Dillon to show his High School Documents, class mates, Teachers and West African Examination Certificate.

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon,
Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

Munah argued that the Senator is no qualified for such task in the West African nation, Liberia,  because he lacks the educational credentials  to ascend to the Liberian Senate and represent the people of Montserrado County.

According to the Liberia constitution Article 30 did not affirm the educational qualifications of a lawmakers but clearly give age and residential requirements.

Article 30 of the  1986 constitution states “Citizens of Liberia who meet the following qualifications are eligible to become members of the Legislature.

(a). for the Senate, have attained the age of 30 years and for the House of Representatives, have attained the age of 25 years; • Minimum age for first chamber • Minimum age for second chamber .

(b). be domiciled in the country or constituency to be represented not less than one year prior to the time of the election and be a taxpayer.

Following her comments, Senator Dillon has called on his supporters not to personally attack the representative as she was just recovering from years of illness and that the issues raised by her is of no relevant.

To better debunk her assertion, the Senator posted on his social media page representatives Pelham-Youngblood’s  political leader speech, President George M. Weah, who said building Liberia is not about the level of education.

Said President Weah “This country is not about education, is about what the Liberian people needs, about needs and wants , the leader that can provide your needs.  Look at your homes, look at your village, you are living in house, if book and English can develop country, Liberia supposed to be the best country in the world.” Weah is heard saying.

However, there has been barraged of condemnation against representative Pelham-Youngblood assertion that Senator Dillon is not educate and cannot articulate, while at the same time some Liberians agreed with the representative claims.

A cross section of Liberians on radio and social media clearly point out the Montserrado County, District Nine lawmaker political leader now President of Liberia , Dr. George Weah, who they claimed is not eloquent but sits at the nation’s highest seat and represent the country international.

While some Liberians agreed with Representative Pelham-Youngblood that Montserrado desires educated Senator who is well articulating because he/she represents the majority of Liberians.

Reclaiming Montserrado:

The tough talking Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood said, it broke her heart when she was hospitalized and saw what she calls “little rat, muppet dancing in her political terrains.”

Sounding more vocal , Munah referred to herself politically as “CAT” saying “ I’m the cat, I have return, I will eat you up.” Her comments are directed to Senator Abraham D.  Dillon.

She acknowledged that the people of Montserrado County are angry with the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) as evidence by Mr. Dillon winning the Senatorial seat which the party always captures .“ The vote that you give was a protested vote” As she beg for mercy from Liberians in Montserrado County and extended an open invitation for more political talks at the party’s headquarters with supporters .

She continued “ 2020 Montserrado county, we will not give it to strangers , we will not give it to 3rd grade and high school dropped-out , you will remain few months Senator. I can assure you, you will not be elected again as long as I’m here . Even if I’m not on the ticket, intellectually I will go through the 15 political districts to push the arguments  why a Tom and Jerry who will wake up every morning on Facebook  live not understand the word a Senator , not understanding that you have hit the highest seat of the land and you are joining people to protest.” Lawmaker Pelham-Youngblood arrived.

She also said, it is shameful that Senator Dillion who is not eloquent to represent her and the people of Montserrado. “As a Senator you are representing an intellectual like me and you get on the radio and you cannot even represent me adequately and intellectually, it baffles me. People of Montserrado County you know  this county has never been given to jokers what have you done…. I have come to plead with you, the county has never gotten in the hands of jokers.”

 Munah Outbursts on Dillon’s 12k:

Montserrado County, District Nine lawmaker Mrs. Pelham-Youngblood, also blasted Senator Dillon for not giving his promised salary deduction to the county’s legal authority which is the Superintendent but rather he prefer to present the check to  his friend’s wife  for the people of Montserrado County .

She argued that under the laws of the state , the Superintendent is responsible for proper accountability “ The Superintendent is the administrator of the county, if you have money for the people you did not give it to their administrator, you give it to your friend’s wife, one Mrs, Fahn.” She concluded .

However, Senator Dillon is yet to respond  to the attacks but only posted on social media calling on his supporters to be more polite and also posted a picture with a lady he claims is Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood mom.

Senator Dillon wrote “When the Legislature returned to Regular Session this year, this was how we (Munah’s mother and I) shared the joy of Munah’s return to work after a protracted period of illness. We still thank God for her gradual recovery. We call upon our supporters to stand down from attacking her person. Please listen to us!?



  1. “A house divided against itself, shall not stand ” This is the failed and irresponsible legislatures ever in the history of this country.
    How can we have members of the same house lashing at each others ? If it’s not Gray,it’s Yekeh or Dillon and youngblood.,rather than concentrating on national duties. Shame on them 2023,yor will learn.

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