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Representative Aspirant Caution Compatriots To Maintain Peace In Bong County

Ahead of next year’s elections, there have been calls for citizens of Bong County Particularly District #3 to avoid the use of violence in resolving their disagreements but to maintain the peace.

One such person is Elijah J. Kotoe who wants to unseat the current Bong County District 3 lawmaker Marvin Cole.

Speaking to a cross section of citizens and fellow aspirants in the approaching presidential and legislative elections, Bong County electoral district #3, Aspirant Elijah J. Kotoe, re-echo calls to maintain the peace despite their political differences.
The aspirant call follows the numerous personal attacks among supporters of those aspiring for the district`s seat in the  2023 legislative election.

“We can agree and disagree, but what is so dear to us is the peace of our country. We do not want to witness that ugly past in our country`s history.

We (politicians) have a greater role to play in this coming election. This is about time we became calling on our supporters to avoid conflict and convince the citizens why their leader is best suited to represent the district, Kotoe added”.

“I usually caution all of my supporters, if you are supporting me do not get involved with negative things. If it causes me to even get one vote in this coming election which is not possible, I will. But I will not allow people who want to cause and disturb the peace of our country”

The Bong County District #3 hopeful term is “Frustrating and disingenuous” on the part of politicians who are always influencing young people to go out and cause violence.

He further that if those contesting truly love the people they intend to lead, avoiding violence and preaching the message of peace will be the order of the day.

Koto, at the same time, called on young people in the country with emphasis in Bong County District #3 not to allow themselves to be used by greedy and selfish politicians whose only agenda is to amass wealth at the misfortune of the struggling masses.

“For me, we are bringing different dynamism in the body politics of Liberia.

Gone are the days where greedy and selfish politicians will come and fool our people just to collect their precious votes and later turn their back on them he noted.

Liberians have been warned to avoid violence before, during and after the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, but urged to pursue the peaceful path in seeking to address their concerns.

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