Representative Dixon Seboe Wants Security Personnel Protected


As first responders to the COVID-19 fight in Liberia, Montserrado County District Sixteen Representative Dixon Seboe has called for the effective protection of joint security team members across the four stay home and lock down counties in the Country.

“My latest concern is to avoid the recurrence of the New York situation where bulk of the first respondents who were police officers fell prey to the virus.” Hon. Seboe indicated.

He said the professional individuals are rendering countless services to the nation and its people as such, they need to remain save while carryout their operations and or duties.

Currently he observed that majority of the joint security team members who are interacting with people are at risk and very vulnerable to themselves, their families and even the people whom they are serving because of the lack of protective gears.

The District 16 Lawmaker encouraged the National Public Health Institute of Liberia to see the need to provide the necessary protective gears for members of the security sector especially the joint security team members.

However, he urged them to be as much as possible visible and vigilant in the local communities where in some places other unwholesome things are taking place against the peaceful and innocent citizens of the Country.

“At the moment, more security personnel are seen in the streets as such the need to do more.” he noted.

The Montserrado County Lawmaker is representing a district that was badly affected during the Ebola crisis in Liberia, as a result of such, he told our reporter that they are working hard to ensure massive awareness and protection of his people in that area.

“We are beginning to get afraid because some for the communities confirming COVID-19 cases are our neighbors”. he pointed out.

Mr. Seboe at the same time welcomed President George Weah’s communication to the legislature that includes a stimulus package proposal for Liberians.

He said the decision is in good fate for the benefit of the Liberian people but such communication and or document will be looked at properly by them.

There are concerns on how some of the monies will be raised relative to the communication though some international partners have made some commitments, however, he added that more legislative and strategic brain storming sessions has to be taken into consideration before final decision can be reached for the betterment of the nation and its people.

Hon. Seboe a member of the ruling establishment also used the occasion to warned citizens who are impersonating as security officers to desist, terming such action is sad.

“Stop stealing and harassing your own brothers and sisters mainly in this worrisome period.” Mr. Seboe noted.

Observing social distancing during the interview with mask covering his mouth and nose respectively, Hon. Seboe encouraged all Liberians to abide by the health measures in order to stay save from the killer disease.