Representative Koung Dedicates 6 Class Rooms In Ganta


Ganta-Nimba County

Representative Jeremiah Koung of District 1 in Nimba County has delegated six-class rooms for school-going children at the Person Extenuation in the LPMC Back-pass community in the city of Ganta.

The delegation ceremony brought together residents, educators, parents and students among others.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nimba County District 1 representative, Jeremiah Koung, told the gathering that the annex to the school is intended to help government to educate the future leaders of the country.

He disclosed that in the past, he constructed 12 class rooms for the public school in the city called “John Wesley Pearson High School” and he has moved to the LPMC Bye-Pass where he constructed additional six class rooms for the public school that is in that part of the district.


The Nimba lawmaker lamented that where he is today, it was the residents of Ganta and its surrounding towns and village that made him reached the level he is today and it is time to give back to his community.

He disclosed that it is about time now he focus on his district to complete several projects that have been in limbo and could shortly be delegated to the citizens.

Our Nimba County correspondent said the district number 1 lawmaker use the occasion to carry on several donation of cement to residents of Ganta and other places.

He donated one thousand begs of cement to the Liberia Inland Church on-going construction of their national office in Monrovia including several groups in Ganta.

Also speaking the chairman on education representative Johnson Gwaikolo of district number 9 in Nimba County thanked representative Koung for the construction of the six class rooms for school-going children at the John Wesley Pearson Extenuation School in the LPMC Bye-Pass community.

The Nimba County district number 9 Lawmaker described the county as one of the education basket of future leaders in the County.

He narrated that the young people are now in search of education compared to that in the past.

For his part the Nimba County CEO Mr. Moses Dologbay thanked representative Jeremiah Koung for the construction. According to CEO Dologbay, the additional six class rooms will help combat the huge number of students in various classes across the city of Ganta.

He then called on others Lawmakers in the county to help government achieve its educational goal.