Representative Moses Saah Tandapolie Died Of Poising Not Heart Failure Toxicologist Report Uncover


By; Julius Konton

Toxicologist report from the death of former Montserrado County Lawmaker Moses Saah Tandapolie has uncover that the Lawmaker died from poisoning and not heart failure as previously announced.

In 2012 the Government of Liberia through then Solicitor General Cllr. Wilkins Wright ordered Philippian Pathologist Civilano Ritriolo to do an autopsy on the body of the late Montserrado County Lawmaker to establish the actual cause of death.

Due to observation and suspension of Hon. Tandapolie’s death Pathologist Ritriolo ordered a Toxicologist and or poisoning test which later discovered that whitish, yellowish and green fluid were coxing or seen coming from the noise and mouth of the deceased something which raises more questions than answered.

Additionally, the report disclosed an injection mark on the right arm of the deceased, this the pathologist noted proves scientifically contrary to previous claimed that he died from heart attack or failure.

The post mordant report shows no bio chemical foul play during the investigation but however discover that the lungs of the deceased was not in tight rather it was seen whitish something very unusual, pathologist added.

Heart failure medically is when the heart of a person among other things stops working there-by leading to death But not in the case of former Representative Tandapolie yellow, white and green fluid respectively comes out of the mouth and noise, the report pointed out.

Though the government paid the pathologist to conduct full scale medical examination on the death of the former government official such report has not up to press time been made public to the people, the family said.

According to Siah Tandapolie daughter of the deceased her father should have presented a report to his colleagues before he suddenly died.

She called on the current Government since in fact the late lawmaker was a cdician to re-open the investigation and bring to book the perpetrator in a drive to avoid the recurrence of such devilish act mainly seen among government officials.

As a result of the injection mark seen on the right arm of the deceased Siah wants the investigation to show who were the last group of people including the doctor at the time who had physical contact with the late Tandapolie and why.

This she said will provide clearer detail on how and why the entire incident took place.

The late Montserrado County Lawmaker Moses Saah Tandapolie who was noted for been vocal in plenary died on March 16, 2012 in Gbarnga City Bong County while attending a National Legislative retreat.

Prior to his death he had bitter exchanges with current traditional council chief Zanzar Kawah on the Truth Breakfast Show on Truth fm 96.1 in which Chief Kawah demanded his apology something he did not do until his demise.
Investigation continues.