Representative Tarponwah Breaks Ground for Clinic in Mendeh’s Town


By: Emmanuel TJ  Kollie (Intern)

Margibi County District one Representative, Tilborosa Tarponwah, has broken ground for the construction of a 12 bedroom clinic in Mendeh’s Town, lower Margibi county.

The clinic which is already under construction when completed will be the only health facility in the area.

The project is part of the China Union US$750,00000 given to the county in 2019 as part of its direct social responsibility to the county.

Having received the cash, several projects were resoluted during a county sitting which was held in December 2019

Among selected projects by delegates during the sitting, Mendeh’s Town clinic was top on the list for consideration.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, the district one Representative narrated that over the years citizens in the Garzon belt of the district have decried over the lack of a health facility in the area since its founding.

“Health is wealth, and as such my people need quality health system to live happily.” he stressed.

According to representative Tarponwah, his office is determined to working with relevant authority to bringing the needed development for the benefit of the district and people.

”I’m ready to work with Margibi County authority and other partners so my people can enjoy the best of development” Tarponwah explained.

He disclosed that the ongoing clinic project will last for the period of three months.

The Margibi district one lawmaker wants beneficiaries to take complete ownership of the project by protecting the facilities.

The Garzon region of the district is a host mainly to retire Firestone employees.

For his part Margibi county Superintendent Jerry Varnie, maintained that ongoing projects are in direct support of the Government’s Pro poor Agenda for Prosperity and development (PAPD).

Supt. Varnie further as local county officials, it is their sore mandate in performing to the expectations of President George Weah.

”We were appointed by his Excellency George Weah to deliver, and that’s what we’re committed to doing.

Meanwhile, Margibi County Assistant Superintendent for Development, J. Francis Karpu, has also pledged for the success of ongoing projects throughout the county.

He lamented that his office will work closely with the project management committee to ensure that projects are properly carry on and end in due time.

Mr. Karpu giving the status of projects noted that currently some of the projects are fully completed, while others are at the verge of completion.

According to Karpu, completed projects are the ones that began prior to their appointments as officials of the local government in the county in 2018.

In summary the County’s Assistant Superintendent averred that ongoing projects across the county include, road rehabilitations, construction of pipe latrine, clinics, schools Bridges among several others.